Sunday, October 12, 2014

Bob Fickes ~ Love and Compassion

Yesterday we talked about the three virtuous reactions to others. Today we will take this teaching one step further. This is known as the bodhisattva vow. Love all beings as you love your self. Give compassion to all living beings even to your enemies. Treat your enemies as your friend.
Start every day with love in your heart for those who are doing good and generate compassion to all others who are caught in the web of negativity.

Feeling compassion for those who are caught in negativity comes from understanding that all negative actions are caused by suffering. Those who behave with negativity are filled with pain. If we understand that pain is the root of all negative behaviors, then it follows that we can feel compassion towards them. Feel sorry for their pain and wish them well.
Good wishes do not need to be expressed. Just feel compassion and wish them well with all your heart and do nothing more than smile with compassion for their pain. Any outward response is most likely going to stir up more negativity. Let it go and open your heart, but do nothing. Wait for the right time when they are calm and not being negative. If they are open to your advise, then share with them that you understand their pain and want to help by listening.
They always say that the best response to a person in pain is to be a good listener. Learn to listen with compassion and put aside your negative reactions to them. You can deal with your negative reactions to them later when they are not around. Let your negative feelings go out to the wind. Never give your negative feelings to another. Remain neutral and behave with understanding for their pain. Smile with compassion and wait for a better opportunity when they are willing to learn. If they are not willing to learn, then any reaction you have will be met with resistance. This is never a way to help them.
Love and compassion are virtues that accumulate goodness. The more loving and compassionate we can become, the more we will attract good people around us. Do good and be neutral every day. One day in the future you will be surrounded by goodness and the universe will assist you with a smile and grant your every wish. May all your wishes come true!

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