Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Karen Dover ~ Acceptance of ALL that IS at human conscious waking mind level

In order to move and shift in frequency there has to be an acknowledgement and acceptance of that which is presented.  For many of you at this time the ability to dismiss what is occurring around you is no longer an option. From family patterning that is now presented as unworkable to situations where many of you are becoming tired of “repeating”, all is moving into place to be released, prior to this it must be acknowledged and ACCEPTED at a human conscious waking mind level.
There are many, many teachings that seek to teach you to disconnect from what is happening at any one moment. In a world where the outer waking reality is extremely uncomfortable at many levels of the human life experience it is vital that you acknowledge and accept where you are at this time and find peace with this.  You are where you are meant to be at any given moment as the walk out of the old 3D earth created reality is one that you are being guided with. Remember you came here to this life experience in order to release the KARMIC dimensional realities that you have lived within for eternity. ” YOU CANNOT fail at what you came here to BE” (- HCoO, thru Karen Dover) for only YOU ARE YOU.

You may at a human conscious waking mind level ask why it is important to accept the outer waking reality when you do not like it, remember ALL JUST IS, it is the teachings that seek to teach you that it is one way or another that is seeking release at this time.  Therefore accepting the situation AS IS will show you what it is that you are running that seeks to teach you otherwise. There is no “negative” nor “positive” in TRUTH as ALL JUST IS. Again the teachings that you have anchored deep within your human vehicle seek to teach you that something is other than “JUST IS”.
ALL is a frequency and ALL can be moved and shifted but not until it is first of all seen. Many at this time are attempting to ignore what is placed in front of them. This “distancing” is a deep teaching from the old 3D Earth created construct which seeks to teach you to accept your own “version” of what is presented to you.  To work to release this filter you must accept that ALL JUST IS and this will then illuminate what you have been TAUGHT to believe about the world in general.
It is to be noted that it is not enough to simply to work at an energetic level at this point, it must be brought into your physical waking human conscious mind in order that you are able to translate the life that you have been living into a context that is understood at a human waking mind level.  This works to bring the energy that YOU ARE in TRUTH through into your physical being and into the waking world at ALL levels of your BEing. Many people are okay with working energetically but then separate themselves from the energetic work by separating that work from who they are at a human waking mind level.
It is not “spiritual” to work at an energy level for ALL in this universe is ENERGY in TRUTH, it is the frequencies that have been anchored within the human vehicle that seek to distort the decoding of the frequencies that exist around you.  Therefore it is not helpful to try to place situations, events or scenarios in any “boxes”.  ALL JUST IS.  Indeed the separation of who you are at a human level and how you energetically work is one of the greatest distorted teachings that exist within the old 3D earth created reality. ALL are ENERGY and ALL came from SOURCE, just because you believe that you cannot work with energy due to a teaching that you have been TAUGHT does not negate that YOU ARE ENERGY in TRUTH.
To view another human being and assume that because they do not “actively” work at an energetic level is therefore to walk in the blindness of the filters of the old 3D earth created reality. The human race are comprised of human vehicles into which an ENERGY has been poured. No one is “asleep” on this planet no matter what is presented, many are “ACTIVELY” asleep helping the human race move into the evolution that is now under way. To separate yourself from the human race and place yourself in any “category” is still separation, it is merely disguised separation.
Now at this moment you are asked to accept the outer waking reality and to ACCEPT ALL JUST IS. Only from this position can you then take the necessary steps to alter your outer waking reality at this time.  This acceptance clears the fog of the veils of distortion. It allows you to see that which has been hidden in plain view, that a race has been kept separate, divided and in pain for eternity and this race is now at a point where they can release this distortion and move into UNITY in TRUTH.
“LOVE is the answer, no matter the question”.

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