Saturday, October 25, 2014

Bob Fickes ~ Embracing All Souls Both Living and Departed

This is the day to embrace all souls with all your heart with Light and Love. Embrace the living with your whole heart starting with your family. You don’t need to do this physically. Do it with your soul’s heart to their soul’s heart. Fill them with Light and Love.
Now embrace the departed souls of your family with your whole heart. Do it with your soul’s heart to their soul’s heart where ever they might be. Fill them with Light and Love.
Now unite your soul’s heart with the heart of all the Masters and gods. We unite our Light and Love with their mighty Light and Love and give it to all the souls in Japan and all over the world. Feel the embrace surrounding everything on Earth. It is One Embrace coming from the many united as One Light and Love.

Now we are ready for the biggest healing of our planet: healing all those souls who have departed due to natural calamities. Open your soul’s heart and unite with all the Masters and gods. Unite with their Light and Love. Now send that Light and Love to all the departed souls who have departed in natural calamities. Send them to the Light.
Do you know that every soul who departs during a natural calamity has volunteered for that? They were all given an opportunity to release their karma through an act of surrender. Surrendering to the Force of Nature releases all their karma. But it is true that their human minds may still be confused after the calamity has occurred. They are waiting for other souls to embrace them with love and remind them to go to the Light.
This message comes from the Lady Masters Assembly last night on Mt. Fuji. Love is always the solution to all pain and confusion. When we give love from the deepest part of our soul’s heart, it can heal anything in this world. The Masters are with us now. Take advantage of this precious time and unite your hearts with theirs. Enjoy!

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