Thursday, October 16, 2014

Lauren C Gorgo ~ Excerpt 5D report ~ Lightbody Living: our new normal

Very recently I was brought into a meeting with the League of Galactic Nations, and so immediately I knew that something special was on the horizon.  I was asked to stand in as a cosmic receiver and earth transmitter for what was called an “approaching super-accelerated time of transformation.”
The primary topic discussed was our growing light and its effects on our physical body…mostly in preparation for what feels like a incoming cosmic cacophony…in a good way.  Though it wasn’t specifically mentioned, I am assuming that this is all in direct relation to the equinox and the new moon/eclipse passage/mercury retrograde combo we are headed into…or, more holographically speaking, that is headed into us.

I also got the feeling through this meeting of galactic minds that this entire year was somehow leading up to this very moment…moment, as in several weeks…and is also the reason why many are still so steadily in the process of quantum deep excavation, releasing the seemingly-never-ending-remnants of unresolved emotion trapped within the lower body system.  Tho I can see now that all this prep work was to assist us (as much as possible) to enter this higher frequency band, unhindered.
From the messages I have been downloading the last couple of weeks, I feel pretty confident in saying that we are about to witness some kind of major breakthrough…that there is a pay-off of sorts approaching.  Whatever is coming feels pretty potent and not necessarily in a bring-us-to-our-knees way…although ascension experience has definitely taught me to never rule that option out.
The good news is that since the June solstice we have been entering what feels like a ‘no-suffering zone’ which has been making the light downloads, integrations and cellular mutations somewhat more tolerable.  That said, and even although our recent release from suffering has been noticeable, this last round of expunging has been challenging nonetheless. It has been pleading with us, asking over and again that we rise above all lower level (survival) fears and assume our rightful position as both creator of our life experience, as well as commander of it.
The entire year is/has been dedicated to a constant (carbon to crystalline) physical transmutation process, which has demanded so much from us, but September…the 9th month of endings & reviews in preparation for new beginnings…always highlights, and in some cases intensifies, the 8-month journey to arrive here.
For this reason you may have been experiencing some extra turbulence…more than the usual dose of heaviness as you unearth deeper fears and revisit core wounds…or feeling like you are somehow back at the beginning again. This is normal and to be expected any September, but this year in particular, because we are now moving so fully into the creator frequencies, our triggers are absolutely being tested from every direction possible in order to ensure we are completely aligned with our christed nature.
Divine creatorship is the name of this new game so if you have been repetitively dunked in the deep end, I assure you it’s all for the sake of sovereignty.
We have also been contending with various distortions in our energy fields, mostly due to collective unrest, that have been threatening (or at least trying) to derail us. The point is to literally pay them no mind.  Those flashes of chaos are just up for a final farewell and if seen in the right “light” can prove to us that when we are unfettered by these disturbances (non-reactive)…we are free.
And when we are free, we know because we enter so solidly into the sanctity of solace, the space of absolute peace and total acceptance with what-is. That zero-point space is so important…it’s where our unbridled creative potential lives, where our higher Self resides, and what we are soon to call our permanent Home again.
Yes, the light at the end of the tunnel is growing brighter, and we are being urged more than ever to focus solely upon it.  All else is a moot point. Certainly there are LOTS of distractions available, plenty of fast moving currents that can easily pull us into a maelstrom if we allow it, but none of those diversions need derail us any longer. The drama of the dying (old) world may be tempting to peer into at times, but none of it is our business.  Our business is light.  Illuminating darkness, yes…participating in it, no.
Sure there will continue to be moments when we have to reach to see and feel the light, and there will be moments when the light seems to find us rather effortlessly.  In either case,  it’s our job to remember that the light is always there.  And just the thought of that can be enuf now to keep us in immersed in it.
If you find yourself locked in a moment of unrest, especially over the next several weeks of growing cosmic intensity, simply refocus your attention on the crystalline grid of light that surrounds you. That is all that is required to lift us now.  If that isn’t enuf, I am also told that we can utilize the photonic light available to us via the sun simply by requesting that all solar frequencies be used to revitalize and restore our complete body system to the reflection of the Christ within.  
And so it is.
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