Wednesday, October 29, 2014

New free audio files are now available to download on website ! FREE !

My sweet and precious friends,
I have made new free audio files available for you all to download on my website.  These are tools and gifts for you all, offered to you in the hope that it may assist you on your path. You can find and download these at the following link:!free-products/c1cy 

OR go to "More" on the homepage and chose "free products". When you scroll down you can find the buttons to download directly to your computer.  The free audio files that I have made available to download are the following:

The Eclipse energies ~ The Goddess Speaks
Channeled Chantings and tones of the Goddess consciousness, birthed during the Blood Full Moon Eclipse of October 8, 2014 and created by Méline Portia Lafont.  These tones are powerful Lightcoded activations of freedom and release of emotions as well as the empowering of your own Divine God/Goddess consciousness within the heart of all creation.

Invocation ~ Setting up a Sacred Space of protection
This is an invocation of profound protection that is to be used before starting a meditation or session.
The Trinity Flame of Goddess energy ~ Glastonbury workshop
This is an audio that was recorded during my transmission at the workshop weekend with Anrita Melchizedek at Glastonbury, Uk during the 08-08-2014 portal.  We work with the violet Flame first to transmute and ground, afterwards we work with the 3 Goddesses of Light and their Ray to form one beautiful Trinity flame and activate the keycodes of the 3 Goddess Archetypes: Isis, Hera and Lady Portia. Rays: Violet Ray, Pink Ray and the Silver Ray.  (There was a lot of noise at times because of the concert of Robert Plant a bit further and due to lots of people passing by and moving around outside
08-08-14 Lions Gate Portal Anchoring the Diamond Flame of Transcendence and integrating the Divine Feminine & the Divine Masculine Archetypes ~ Glastonbury LIVE transmission with Méline Lafont and Anrita Melchizedek
This is a live transmission of myself and Anrita that is recorded during our transmission with a large group of fellow Lightworkers at Glastonbury Tor during the lions Gate.  We focus on the Diamond Flame of Transcendence and Anchor this into the Heart chakra of Gaia at Glastonbury Tor.  We work with the Divine Feminine and Masculine Archetypes as we integrate and activate this through our solar and cosmic heart.  (This was recorded life so there are loud noises and barking of dogs at times because of the large groups that came at the Tor to visit during our transmission.  Please shut your mind of from that noise that coms in at times)

Sacred Partnership
Audio channeling about Sacred Partnership that came through while sitting outside and looking at Orion.  I take you on a short journey of the meaning of Sacred Partnership

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