Thursday, October 23, 2014

Karen Dover ~ Meditation to release ANGER at cellular level in the human vehicle


I am guided to share this meditation at this time.  Please be gentle with SELF at this time and have COMPASSION for SELF, how you release the frequency will be individual and personal.  Sleep and SUGAR are natural ways to rebalance the cellular structure of the human vehicle.  Please honor your human vehicle when it asks for more /less sleep and certain foodstuffs. You are attempting to repair your cellular structure at a FREQUENCY LEVEL , logic has no place in this process.

 This meditation is best done near water, please avoid doing this meditation immersed in water, this will not serve.  Close your eyes and take your focus to your heart space, visualise your heart and allow your heart to be SHOWN TO YOU.  Simply view the heart and accept what you are shown in this space. Next take your attention to your lungs and ask to be shown your lungs as a symbol.  The lungs in the human vehicle are a representation of GRIEF and this meditation will help reset the resonance of both the heart and the lungs as they work TOGETHER at a frequency level.
Allow any emotion that begins to arise within you to rise through you. Let it flow and become the observer.   Then visualise a huge lake, make the lake as beautiful as you can, view the water as sparkling and clear and above all beautiful.  Then visualise yourself walking to the lake in front of you. Ask to be shown a symbol of your anger and then place the symbol that you are shown in the lake. Watch how the symbol interacts with the lake water.  Continue to ask for symbols of anger and continue to place them in the lake water until you are shown no more symbols of anger.
This may take 5 minutes or may take longer, there is no time-frame for any of this, simply allow yourself to BE as you do this meditation. Once you have placed all the symbols in the lake then simply take your attention back to your human vehicle. You may wish to ask to be shown your heart and your lungs once more after this meditation. Please do not expect “instant” results, your human vehicle will respond in its own personal and unique way.
This meditation may be repeated as often or as little as you feel that you need to.

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  1. Anger hate different colors,lover smile to all colors,,,remember,the deeper you meditation,the less you will be dictated by dualistic mind ,,,click>>