Thursday, October 9, 2014

Bob Fickes ~ Rahu and the Eclipse of the Moon

I didn’t know that the full moon last night was also a lunar eclipse! What a surprise to look up at such a beautiful full moon and watch it disappear as the shadow of the eclipse slowly ate the moon! The energy was very strong and I am sure that many of you could feel it.
Buddha talked about the asura named Rahu who comes to eat the sun or the moon and create an eclipse. Rahu is considered a dharma protector and rules over karma. Whenever there is an eclipse like last night, Rahu’s energy is very strong. People will have two reactions to this event. Some people will feel very happy as their old karma has disappeared and the full light of their soul emerges from deep inside with happiness and deep peace.
But for others, Rahu will force them to look at their karma and feel upset until they face the lesson of their karma and transform. For these people every minute of the eclipse could feel uncomfortable. The subconscious memories filled with emotions and discomfort come up inside as the old karma gets released. But once the moon returns to its normal brightness, the karma is gone and you feel better.

If you are still feeling upset today, there is something you can do to dispel the negative energy that was stirred up last night. Do an offering to both Mother Earth and to Rahu asking for the karma to be released. Offer five sticks of black incense (like the style you get from India) and one black candle with your name written on it.  Ask that your karma be released and then pour a glass of water onto the earth feeling your karma being washed away as the water pours onto the ground. Once the glass is completely empty, give thanks that now the karma is done.

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