Thursday, October 16, 2014

Bob Fickes ~ Meditation and Yoga

The word Yoga means union.
Real Yoga begins with meditation. Real Meditation happens when our mind drifts naturally into Silence and the mind unites with Ku.
Yoga is not uniting the head with the toe! Real Yoga begins with the discovery of Infinite Consciousness.
Without meditation, yoga is just an exercise for the body. Real Yoga is an exercise for our consciousness to explore all the avenues of perception, body, mind and soul. Meditation and Yoga go hand in hand.

Meditation without yoga (experiencing Silent Consciousness or Ku) is only an experience of mind.
Yoga without meditation is only an experience of body. This style of yoga makes our body healthy but our mind is still not pure so we get unhealthy again.
When we put the two together, we have the real experience of both meditation and yoga.
Meditation is the heart of Yoga. Yoga exercises, Pranayama, and purification techniques called Yama and Niyama are all the arms and legs of the body of yoga. Just as in life, our life starts in the heart. The exercises of our life through our actions help our heart to experience our life with more Love, Happiness, and Life Force.
When we add yoga to our meditation practice, our experience in meditation becomes clearer. Our body releases the karma more effectively and we become Enlightened more easily.
If we can find the time, even just one hour a day doing 30 minutes of yoga and pranayama followed by 30 minutes of meditation, we will advance more comfortably and more powerfully. Do your meditation twice a day and when you have the extra time (even once a week), add 30 minutes of yoga and you will enjoy the results more fully.

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