Sunday, October 19, 2014

Bob Fickes ~ What You Suppress, Your Children Express

Emotions are energy. Karma is energy. When we push down this energy to avoid feeling it, it has to go somewhere. First it goes into your body. This can make you sick. But there is another thing that happens. The energy we feel can also be felt by our family particularly our children. Every time we push down our emotions, the energy goes right into our children and they express them.
If we imagine two glasses connected at the bottom with a pipe, when we push the water down in one glass, it goes through the pipe and comes up in the other glass. This is exactly what happens with our emotions.

So when we see our children misbehaving, the first thing we need to do is look inside of our self and find what we are suppressing. Find the feeling and express it. if we get the emotion out into the open, then our children don’t have to act it out. This is a great gift we can give to our family.
If your family is misbehaving, look inside your self and find those feelings. Get them out of your body and express them. Once the feelings are expressed openly, our family will settle down and relax.

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