Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Bob Fickes ~ Synchronizing with the Universe and Finding our True Path

When we first start to wake up and get on the Spiritual Path, we often feel frustrated that things don’t work as easily as we want. Many things from our past continue to bother us and we wonder how long will it take before my life becomes better. When we first wake up and turn on the light, we don’t see a beautiful room. We see the mess we made in the dark!
Our life does not suddenly change just because we start meditation. It takes time to find our way and clear the obstacles that block us from getting what we want. We feel frustrated that our meditation is restless and not satisfying and our life continues to have the same problems that we had before. The more we want to get our Enlightenment quickly, the more frustration we feel that we are not moving fast enough. In fact, we often feel like there is more karma coming to us than before we started to meditate. What is happening? In order to understand this we have to understand what was happening before we started to meditate.

We were all trained to try harder to get what we want. All of our life people told us that if you want to achieve something, you have to work hard and push your self to achieve the things you want. We were never told that when you push you create friction. We thought that friction was a normal part of life and we must work hard to overcome it. But, in fact, any time we push, we are creating more friction in the universe. All friction creates karma! Why do we push? We push because we do not trust the world around us to help us. We have been trained to believe that the universe is not on our side and will never give us what we want unless we push to get it. When we think like this, we are getting out of synchrony with the universe. Our lifelong habit is to push hard and create more friction. Every time we push we get more out of synchrony with the universe. The universe wants us to move this way, but our ego wants to move in another direction and pushes its way to get there. Doing it this way accumulates more resistance in our life and out of habit we end up creating more karma for our self and others around us.
When we learn to meditate, we are told to relax and go with the flow. Meditation never works when we are pushing to make it happen. The more we meditate, the more we can let go and go with the flow. Meditation helps us to get back into the flow of the universe. It also helps us to remove and release the karma that was blocking us. The more we meditate, the more we get synchronized with the flow of the universe AND the more karma that has been blocking us gets cleared. Clearing karma during meditation stirs us up and we feel uncomfortable. We complain about it and forget that we are clearing mess we made in the dark.
We have programed our self to be out of synchrony with the universe and it will take time to change those old habits before our life can find our True Path. When we first start to meditate we have no idea how many problems we have created and never noticed. Now we start to meditate and wake up. We see the mess we made and blame others for our problems. After a short time, we come to understand that all of our problems in life were created before we knew better. Meditation helps us to see the karma more clearly. It was there before we started meditating but we never noticed it.
This is the time to be patient with your self and lovingly support your self to change the way you think and behave in this world. The Inner Master will show you the way to overcome all of your problems, but you have to change your habit of listening to your blind ego/mind and let go enough to listen to the quiet inner voice of your heart. The Inner Master is very patient and will help you to get back in harmony with the universe. It may take a little time, but more quickly than you can believe, your life becomes better. The universe shows you more support and many Masters and new friends show up to encourage you. Relax and do your meditation. Take your steps one at a time and change your life forever. It takes time to reprogram your old habits. Meditation brings you the lessons you need to learn and helps you to clear your path more quickly than all of the lifetimes in the past. The more you face your problems and take care of your self, the faster your Enlightenment will come. Don’t worry. You will get your Enlightenment faster than you think. You have already started to change. You are already on the right Path. Just a few more steps and you will be clear. The problems that come to you today are all here so that you get your Enlightenment faster.

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