Monday, August 3, 2015

Solara An-RA ~ Assisting the DIAMOND LIGHT Children ~ Arcturian Councils for Earth

The new wave of Diamond Light children need assistance from their SOUL STAR FAMILY. Many choose to incarnate in a particular place on the planet at a very specific time in order to seed their light there, but have parents who don’t understand them ~ and they suffer deeply. We can help, both by communicating with them telepathically in the way given here by the Arcturian Councils, and in the physical. You will encounter babies and children, sometimes for only a few seconds or minutes in a supermarket or park ~ smiling at them, letting them know they are not alone, makes a huge difference. Some of your soul star family are children of friends or relatives or neighbours of yours – when you see they are suffering make the effort to spend time with them – every gesture of love and support makes a difference! Gazing into the eyes of babies & children, sharing your soul star codes, allows them to feel that they are not alone!

Those who are called, please send energy daily to these children, born and unborn, in the process given here (channelled live in Eindhoven on the 31 July 2015)

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