Thursday, September 3, 2015

Bob Fickes ~ The Year of Activating the Heart

The universe has been moving this year to bring all of us into a new realm of experience that embodies more Light and Love in our daily lives. Many times this year we received downloads from the universe to lift our heart into a more highly attuned level of experience. Of course this has also given us many challenges to take important steps to change our life and the way we do things. The energy will continue to build over the next few months until the end of this year.
The most precious gift we have as a human being is our Cosmic Heart. The heart is the very center of our life. Deep inside our heart we are connected to the Source of the Universe. Our Heart is the doorway to the Infinite Life Force and Love Force that materializes everything in this universe. The Heart is also the Balance Point that restores harmony and goodness to everything we do in life. Our Heart has been activated many times this year so that we can now begin to listen to our heart and go with the mighty flow of Love that we need to improve our life and make our world a better place.

You are all ready to begin exploring the final frontier: the Infinite Inner Universe that is located inside your Heart. We must call this the Cosmic Heart because it is so far beyond what we normally think of as our human heart. This is a whole new level of understanding and experience. I am planning to come to Japan in November and December to provide more tools that will help you to tune in to your Heart and open the door to the Inner Universe.

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