Friday, July 3, 2015

Bob Fickes ~ As the World Turns, We Transform

As the world turns, our lives are also changing at a faster rate than before. Sometimes it feels like we are moving too fast and it becomes difficult to make decisions to change our life in the way we want to. All is well. Whatever you are feeling, it is the right time to make a change.
It doesn’t matter whether your mind agrees with that change or not. You are transforming from the inside out, not from the outside in. Your mind may not always agree with what your heart is prompting you to do. Trust your heart and take the step. Your heart feels your real future. Your mind only comprehends what it has known in the past. The mind can never imagine a better future than what we know from our personal experience.

The heart knows best. It is the home of God-In-Us. Allow God to move through you and trust that the simple desire of your heart is the way God tells us which way to go. Relax and trust that your heart knows where you are going even when your mind cannot understand.
Relax and trust. Relax and take a small step. See what happens and then take another step. You will change your future faster than you can imagine. The path of the Heart knows no limits. The path of the Heart is our best path. Relax and Enjoy!

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