Thursday, July 2, 2015

Bob Fickes ~ Changing the Rules and Establishing Harmony in the Universe

Our mind feels comfortable when we have rules to follow. We think that our world is built from those rules and do our best to follow them. But Nature is more spontaneous. Our body and our heart are in harmony with Nature. When we follow the rules, there is pressure in our body and in our heart, but we don’t notice it. Our entire being has adjusted to the world our collective mind has created, but we are putting pressure into our life every day when we try to follow all the “should’s and should not’s.” The more we meditate, the more we get into the rhythm of the universe. Our life will slowly return to the flow of Nature and the universe will start to support us more and more each day.

As our consciousness merges with the rhythm of the universe, we will create a new paradigm for the future. This will be a future more in harmony with Nature rather than the mentally created world we live in today. This is a big job to rearrange our collective reality and restore balance in the universe. It might take a while before it will manifest, but the outcome of our future will be more enjoyable, less stressful, and more filled with Love and Light than anything we can imagine.
We are the generation that will change the tide of human karma and restore balance to the world we live in for all future generations. The world we will create will be spectacular and miraculous. It takes time to change the mentally created world of our ancestors and restore the collective consciousness to a more unified reality where stress and pressure can no longer dominate our existence.
Just a simple technique of meditation can accomplish so much for our future without having to analyze and think about the big job ahead of us. It will all happen automatically as our consciousness adjusts to the mighty rhythm of the universe. The future is in our hands. The tide is already changing and the magnificent world of Nature is already starting to be restored. The plants, the animals, and the land are already rejoicing. Enjoy the sunshine of the new world even before humanity as a whole recognizes that life has transformed into Heaven on Earth. The Future is in our hands. We are the first generation to step into the rhythm of the universe and enjoy the many blessings that are coming to everyone on the planet. Enjoy!

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