Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Bob Fickes ~ The Three Virtues

When things happen in our life we usually react out of habit or emotion without being mindful of the results. True mindfulness is based on calmness and insight into the most virtuous way to respond. Buddha and other Masters have said that there are only three virtuous responses to the behavior of others: Friendliness, Compassion, and Good Will.
  1. We respond with friendliness to those who do good.
  2. We respond with compassion to those who are troubled or in pain.
  3. We respond with good will and respect to those who are high souls that demonstrate virtuous behavior to others.
The fourth condition is more difficult. When others behave badly or with negative emotions, we are advised to be neutral and walk away. If we respond with our emotions, it backfires and returns more emotional responses to our behavior. This creates the endless loop of negative results that we call karma.
Always be mindful and calm. Center your self in the peaceful heart and do your best to avoid reacting out of emotional habit. Meditation helps us to become more mindful and peacefully centered in our own virtuous nature. Meditation helps to remove the stressful responses by clearing away the old habits of karma. Being centered in your peaceful heart is the highest aspiration for every human being. This is the path that leads to Enlightenment and a more full experience of True Virtue.

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