Thursday, April 2, 2015

Bob Fickes ~ We are All One! There is No Separation!

We think we are alone. We think we are isolated and separate from the world around us. We think that our pain is unique and no one understands what we feel. But this is all the illusion of thinking that we are a wave isolated from the ocean. Whatever we feel, the ocean can feel too. Whatever we feel, good or bad, is in the ocean where our wave is travelling through. It does not belong to us. It is just there at that location and once we move past it, we will not feel it again. When our soul finds something dirty, it is best to just do what we can to help to clean it. Never take it personally. When we take it personally, we think we own it. When we think we own it, it becomes more difficult to let go of it. Thinking we own it is like glue. It can stick to us a long time. When we realize it does not belong to us and just see it as dirt in our house, we can pick up a broom and brush it out of the house!
The dirt of karma is everywhere. If we don’t mind the dirt and just do our best to help to clean it, we feel better and the world is a cleaner place than before. The individual wave of our soul is directly connected to the entire ocean where all waves come from. When Enlightenment dawns we realize that every wave is connected to us. Our Divine Soul is an ocean not an isolated wave on the surface. We are directly connected to everyone and everything around us.

We think that if someone around us is bad or in pain it will come to us like an undesirable disease. So we try to avoid them. This is terrible! We are all one! We are one ocean with many souls living lives through each wave. If we can clear the ocean, then all the people in the world will be happy. Feeling karma around us, feeling someone else’s karma is completely natural. Clear the ocean of souls in the world helps the world to be more beautiful and enjoyable. It doesn’t matter “whose karma” we are clearing. Cleaning house makes the house easier for everyone to live in.
Many times when we feel uncomfortable, it is not our karma. It is often karma in the atmosphere where we are walking or living. A wave moves through the ocean and encounters an area where there is dirt. When the wave moves through the dirt, it feels dirty. But the wave continues to move beyond the location of the dirt and feels clean again. Maybe we think we should have avoided that dirt. Impossible! We are born to clean this universe. When we get our Enlightenment, we realize that we have always been the entire ocean of consciousness that dwells inside of every body and soul. All waves are just a surface expression of the same reality. There is no one separate from us. WE ARE ALL ONE!
Don’t worry whose karma you are clearing. It doesn’t matter whose karma it is. It is just dirt in the house where we all live. Give love and do your best to clean what you can. The universe and all the Masters will see what you are doing and help you to clear it more easily. Trust that you are not alone. There is no karma that has been assigned to you alone. Like the dirt, it is just in the house where you live. Clean what you can and enjoy the new world you are helping to create. Ignore the dirt or blame someone else for making the house dirty, never removes the dirt. We argue about whose dirt this belongs to and forget to clean it. My Teacher once said, “See the job, do the job and stay out of the misery.” We are All One. If we work together hand in hand to clean our house, the world will be a more Enlightened Place to live.

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