Thursday, April 2, 2015

Karen Dover ~ LOVE in TRUTH as the foundation of ALL human life experience


At a time when most of our outer waking reality is shifting and changing it is vital that we begin to understand and to allow the flow of the frequency of the LOVE that IS in TRUTH.  Many state that they are coming from a place of “love” but are coming from a place of fear, it is not TRUTH to try to “protect” someone in the “name of love” for example, for LOVE needs no protection, just as it needs no defense, for it JUST IS. We as a race have been taught to place our own fears at the feet of those around us and wrap these fears up in the wrapping paper of “love”.
These teachings start from the moment we are born and are then taught throughout our human life experience and they are most containing within our immediate families. As parents to our children we place OUR FEARS at their feet and we do this in the guise of “protecting” them.  This is not to say that we just cut our children loose and let them roam about the planet, that is not what I am stating.  We need to become more consciously aware of the words and the “teachings” that we place at their feet in order that we move out of creating patterns that we have been taught to create from our childhood.

As I have blogged previously patterns of behaviour are generational, passed from generation of a family to the next generation. How our parents reacted to our emotional responses of “anger” for example will dicate how we teach our children to respond to said emotion and we do this whether we are consciously aware of this or not.  As the patterns of behavior run at an unconscious waking mind level we are not aware of what we are placing into those around us especially the ones that we have a deep emotional connection to. So our spouse, our children will be those whom we place the deepest patterns within.
We tend to view the “past” through tinted glasses, what happened to us personally when we were 5 years old for example will come to trigger us once more when our offspring reach this age. Unconsciously we then alter our behavior and then teach this behavior to our offspring to “prevent” the same experience from happening to them. Take for example a case of bullying, say at 5 years old you were bullied at school. You grow up and then have your own children, your child starts school and the memories of when you were that age come flooding back. Without consciously being aware of it you will then alter your behaviour in order that your child does not experience the same as you did. What is filtered out in the example is that the child is not you, it is an individual and the child runs a frequency that will manifest its own outer waking reality. By pouring your fear into said child you alter the frequency of the child who may well have the bullying experience due to the frequency that is being poured in, frequency creates and manifests experience.
Now expand this to other parts of your life, your job, your home life, your social life, when our children begin to walk through life and reach emotional triggers that are still in our lives due to the emotions being held on to and not released then we set up a repeat pattern. Our children will then grow up and repeat  the same behavioural patterns.  These patterns are blinding, that is what the lower dimensional frequencies were designed to manifest, an emotional response that is overwhelming, the repeat triggering can is then achieved through the family connections.
At this time upon the planet the energies are once more heightening and they are pushing to the very surface all the emotions that we have not acknowledged and released. How this plays out at a human waking mind level is personal and unique to each individual. Scenarios will begin to manifest that trigger the emotions, what may blind us is the reason for the triggering, we are not asked to relive the scenario that resulted in our emotional response, we are triggered so that we can acknowledge and release said emotional response.
This release will be ongoing until we begin to anchor LOVE in TRUTH and begin to use this for our manifestation of this our human life experience. The outer waking reality is our manifestation based on what we are running at a frequency level. The detaching from the old 3D earth created construct is what many are FEELing at this time, this may see us at a waking human level experience time discrepancies, we may “lose” or “gain” time, we may have out of “linear” experiences which are experienced as deja vu, we may feel like we are not part of anything at all for brief moments. It is akin to riding a bike with stabilisers, the stabilisers are worn less and less as we become used to finding OUR OWN BALANCE.
So it is with the release of the deep family patterning that has held the human race in emotional lockdown for eternity.  In order to create a world that is founded on the LOVE that IS in TRUTH we must first of all release ourselves from the self created emotional prisons that we were taught to build around us, then we are asked to release the hold that we have on those around us.  This is perhaps more challenging for many as the “responsibility” teachings come into full force. The only person that we are responsible for in this our human form is ourselves.  This may trigger many of you.
Whilst we have a responsibility as parents for our children we have a responsibility to show them how to live in TRUTH, we are not responsible for their emotions, for their actions or any other part of their human life experience as we are not them.  This is a balancing act that many are finding challenging at this time, to teach and to step back can be challenging but again I would place the riding the bike example, we are teaching our children how to find balance, how to stabilise, we are giving them the tools and we are showing them how to use said tools but the choice of whether to use the tools, how to use them the way that works best for them will always lie with them personally.
This is a teaching that will come to the surface more and more over the coming linear few days as families come together to celebrate “easter” and to share the joy of the season of spring. It is not possible to teach a child “do as I say not as I do” any longer for it is not TRUTH, children learn by WATCHING as any parent fully understands as they grow, they adopt the mannerisms of those who are closest to them. For any of you who have actually uttered a phrase used by your parents to you, you can relate to the most used response which “oh my gosh I have turned into my mother / father”. The realisation is often laughed off but the teaching is there hidden in plain view.
You may already recognise traits in family members already when family members begin to “morph” into someone from the previous generation. As this is not TRUTH it is not supported. It may seem a challenge to begin with but we are asked to understand that “LOVE is the answer, no matter the question”. It may well be that we are the daughter of the mother or the son of the father but that does not mean we live as they lived or do as they do for they are not us and we are not them.
We are being asked to recognise and celebrate our individuality, we came here in human form to have a unique life experience and yet many walk in the footsteps of the previous generation, feeling bound to the teachings and allowing an emotional prison to be created. It is to be noted that the death of said previous generation does not alter the patterning, in many scenarios it seeks to deepen it and anchor it more and more.
We are asked to celebrate our children for who they are in TRUTH, individual human beings that have their own way of interacting with and understanding the world around them. At this time many children are being born upon this planet and they come in at a naturally higher frequency than previous generations, not because they are somehow made of “crystals” or are “blue” or any other DEFINITION that seeks to bind these children to yet another set of teachings that prevent them from being who they are at a personal and unique level.
We as a race are moving more fully into the evolution process, as frequency dictates evolution then as the frequency of the planet (the background frequency if you will) raises then the human vehicles of these children will naturally be higher and more expansive with each child that is born, for the planet is expanding in frequency at all moments of all moments. It is the frequency that the children already carry that is playing out at human waking mind level with children rejecting the patterning behaviors of their parents, this is frequency repelling frequency. Frequency that is close together will amplify and far apart will repel.  As the frequency of the planet and the human race has shifted significantly in the past linear 2 years then it is no surprise that this is occurring and it is set to increase.
The deconstruction of the emotional prisons at a family level allows for vast transformation and allows an expansion into new ways of living and being at all levels of our human life experience.
At this time we are asked to surrender to the process, to understand that in our human form we have but part of a vast picture. This picture is shown to us as we walk through this our human life experience, it is never shown to us before we make any movement. Therefore we are asked to walk in TRUST and FAITH of the process as we let go of all that we have been taught in order to remember that which we KNOW in TRUTH for TRUTH JUST IS and WE ARE.
“LOVE is the answer, no matter the question”

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