Thursday, November 6, 2014

Another UFO on NASA live stream suggests ISS is under alien observation

Screenshot of NASA ISS Live Stream of UFO recorded on November 3, 2014
Screenshot of NASA ISS Live Stream of UFO recorded on November 3, 2014
Michael Salla
The International Space Station’s (ISS) live stream has again captured what appears to be a UFO in close proximity. In a video uploaded to Youtube on November 3 by UFO Sightings Daily, the UFO slowly appears and disappears as the live stream camera is pointed earthward. A silhouette of the Earth can be seen above which the UFO slowly appears for approximately 70 seconds, and remains stationary relative to the ISS. The live stream then cuts to blue screen with a message saying that the live stream has temporarily stopped due to a change in cameras or a signal interruption. The latest UFO recording follows a string of UFO incidents near the ISS during the month of October. The November 3 and earlier October UFO video recordings raise the question of whether the ISS is being observed by an alien civilization.

In a November 3 post on UFO Sightings Daily, Scott Waring explains why he believes the UFO is not the moon, but another spacecraft observing the ISS:
I was watching the live space station cam and noticed this glowing object. I was recording at the time and at first thought it was the moon, but when I went back to look at how it suddenly appears I saw it wasn't. The moon would move down from top to the Earths horizon...I saw it many times on live cam. This is different. This UFO just appears out of nowhere and disappears. It didn't appear from the top of the screen and vanish behind the Earth as the moon always does. The space station is being observed. SCW
The November 3 UFO appears to be spherical in shape and displays several colors as it waxes and wanes. The 70 second duration of the UFO’s appearance suggests that Waring is correct that it is not the moon. It would take far longer for the moon to wax and wane as the ISS travelled around the Earth in its 90 minute orbit around the Earth. This can be seen in a July 16 live stream of the setting moon which slowly moves over the horizon unlike the UFO in the November 3 video which does not set. Furthermore, the UFO appears stationary relative to the ISS suggesting that it has a similar orbital path. This supports Waring’s conclusion that the UFO is observing the ISS.

Two live streaming incidents on October 6 and 21 showed what appeared to be elliptical cigar shaped UFOs in close proximity to the ISS. Further incidents on October 22 and 25 showed spherical UFOs. The proximity of these previous UFOs during various station activities suggests that the UFOs were observing the ISS.

If Waring is correct that the ISS is being watched, then the follow up question is by whom? It’s possible that a foreign government not part of the ISS mission such as China may be monitoring ISS activities. It’s unlikely however that China or other foreign nations possess the technology to observe the ISS in the manner captured by the ISS live stream. An alternate explanation is that an extraterrestrial civilization may be monitoring the ISS, and allowing its craft to be captured on video.

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