Sunday, November 2, 2014

Bob Fickes ~ Getting Young Again: The Joy of Long Meditation!

Toshiro and Tomoko Abe arrived a couple of days ago here in Chiang Mai and yesterday they did long meditation (meditating all day). Toshiro posted his photo last night and I was so surprised how young he looks! Meditation really works to reverse the aging process! His students are here to do long meditation for one week starting today. We are all so excited.
Maybe some of you read my new book “Adventures of a Meditator” and noticed that I did a long meditation course for one year. It changed my life forever! All of the real masters including Babaji and Maharishi did long meditation for a year or more. It is a wonderful opportunity to have the opportunity to go deep into meditation for long periods of time. When we do long meditation, we reduce our stress, release our karma, improve our health, reverse the aging process and deepen our consciousness and open our heart to the infinite.

I am always so happy when students come here to do long meditation! I see such amazing results happen to everyone and it inspires me to do my best teaching and have a more personal relationship with each student.
This winter starting 11 January until 28 February, I will be offering one, two, three and four week courses for anyone to do long meditation with advanced initiations into new mantras. This should really be a powerful time and I would love to see as many of you come as possible. We cannot do long meditation at home. Long meditation requires us to be free of other responsibilities so we can devote our time to just doing meditation. At home meditation twice a day is the minimum and maximum for our meditation to progress smoothly and dynamically. But if we can take the time to come for a deeper intensive experience, it is well worth the extra effort it takes to arrange our schedule and go on a real holiday. Our Enlightenment will come so much faster.
This winter we will start by teaching a basic course with the Heart Mantra for both new students and experienced meditators from 11 to 17 January. This is a great chance for anyone to deepen their practice of meditation.
Following the Heart Mantra, I will teach the Love Mantra from 18 January until 14 February. Students will have the opportunity to come for one, two, three or four weeks depending on your schedule. This is the first time I have ever taught the Love Mantra. Love is the most important experience we can have as a human being. This Love Mantra opens your heart to Infinite Love and creates a love magnet to attract the people and things you need into your life. I have high expectations that everyone will move very powerfully into the deepest quality of Love.
Here is the winter schedule:
  • Heart Mantra from 11 – 17 January.
  • Love Mantra from 18 January until 14 February (Valentines Day!).
  • Kannon Healing Mantra from 15 – 21 February.
  • Channeling Workshop from 22 – 28 February.
I hope that many of you can come and experience deep meditation with me here in Chiang Mai. I want to share as much as I can with all of you!
For more information, please visit “Intensive Meditation Course in Chiang Mai

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