Thursday, November 6, 2014

Bob Fickes ~ The Power of Thought


Thoughts have energy. Mindless thoughts have no energy. Casual thoughts have a little energy. Strong thoughts have powerful energy. So when we think, put your heart into it and give it energy.

We can call this energy Life Force or Ki. The more Life Force enters your thoughts, the more powerfully you will manifest what you are thinking.

People who have done a lot of meditation have very powerful thoughts. There is more Life Force or Ki in everything you think. What you think is what you create in your life. As Buddha said, “All that you are is a result of what you have thought.”

Learn to master your thoughts. Be careful what you are thinking! Be more mindful of what you desire. Quietly observe what you are thinking because everything you think will start to happen.

If you expect something to go wrong, it will go wrong! You will create it. You are the master of your thoughts. Be careful what you are thinking.

After we have been meditating a long time, our thoughts not only have more Life Force, but they also have less stress and less karma. Our thoughts become more in harmony with the universe and create less friction. We call this “support from the universe”. When our thoughts are more in harmony with the universe, the universe will help us in everything we do. what ever we think, everyone will enjoy and find goodness from our activity.
Just a simple thing like thinking about a friend and in a short time we receive a message from our friend. When we are looking for a parking place, the universe creates a space for us to park. This is support from the universe.

The longer we have been doing meditation, the more universe supports us. Our life will get better every month and every year, until we get our Enlightenment. Once our Enlightenment comes, everything we think, every project we create will gain the support of the universe to become a reality. Our life in the future will surely be better than our life today. With meditation as our tool for improving our life, we are assured of having a greater future tomorrow than we have today. Life just keeps getting better!

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