Saturday, November 1, 2014

Karen Dover ~ Release of the “pain” frequencies from the human vehicle in TRUTH


For many of you at this time this may be an intense restructuring period in relation to your human vehicle. The energies are intensifying to help release the imprints from your CELLULAR STRUCTURE. This is not the same as releasing the frequencies at an energetic level and may have taken many of you by surprise. The human vehicle has been TAUGHT to keep tight hold of various frequencies and these were used to define your human life experience in human form upon this planet. A bit like a template they worked to hold you statically whilst you cross-referenced your human life experience with said template.
As the template is now null and void, by this I mean it is not TRUTH and therefore cannot be transferred to the New Earth frequency realities, it has to be released.  You will have begun this process at an energetic level first of all, allowing the ENERGY that YOU ARE in TRUTH to expand and to pull this energy into and through your human vehicle. This did the job of repelling the template frequency that was within your cellular structure,  frequencies within the same bandwidth will attract, those that do not will repel. As the ENERGY that YOU ARE in TRUTH is the LOVE that IS and the very fabric of the universe then anything that does not resonate with this frequency will be repelled, hence many of you may be in physical pain at this moment.

The release of the “PAIN BLUEPRINT” is in pain, that is your physical human vehicle may ache, may be sore, you may feel as if you are physically in pain in various ways and your human vehicle needs to be acknowledged. This is not to state that you must linger in the pain, merely acknowledging that you feel pain and that you acknowledge the pain will see you move through the pain and release it from your cellular structure.
Please honour your human vehicle at this time, rest when you need to rest, sleep when you need to sleep as you recalibrate during the “sleep” process. If you need to cry then allow the tears to flow, you do not need to justify said tears or pain, that is you do not need a reason in order to experience them, you are experiencing them because you have never allowed yourself to acknowledge the emotions that you have been TAUGHT to keep buried deep within the cellular structure of your human vehicle.
The more that you resist the process that now unfolds the longer you will remain locked into the “pain blueprint” for the old 3D earth created construct TAUGHT you well how to disconnect from the pain, this is how it remained deep within you, sitting unacknowledged and yet still working to structure the human life experience. This must be allowed to reveal itself, you do not need to go looking for it per se, indeed trying to focus on it will see it hide once more from you, simply let it all FLOW and become FLUID.
Your human logical mind will attempt during this process to convince you to hide from the pain, try to convince you that you are ill or that you have somehow taken a huge step backwards in the process that is unfolding. This is not TRUTH, you are moving into TRUTH to new levels hence the unfolding of the process, having forgiveness for SELF at this time is a vital component, for the human logical mind may try to show you parts of your life that caused the pain in THIS lifetime. There is no requirement to revisit the pain other than to accept that the situation was painful, you do not have to relive it at any level.
Breathe and have compassion for SELF at this time and understand that you are moving into FLUIDITY of emotion that despite what your human logical mind is attempting to teach you YOU WILL get through this phase.  Please do not identify with the pain, simply let go and allow it to wash over, through and within you. Do not attempt to “do” anything about the pain, simply BE, this may be challenging at first but it is the most powerful way through this process, “what you resist will persist” as the saying goes.
“LOVE is the answer, no matter the question”.

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