Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Bob Fickes ~ Bring in the Light!

Now the doorways to the worlds of Light are open. When you feel negative, now you have a choice. Instead of looking at the negative, shift your attention to the Light. You can do a simple affirmation, “I am Cosmic Light!” Close your eyes and relax. In this relaxed state, look into the Light and become it. Feel the Light moving through you and surrounding you everywhere.
When someone around you is full of negativity, once again look into the Light inside of your heart and send that Light to that person. We don’t have to get upset with them. Instead, send them your Light. A simple gift of Light will brighten their consciousness and remove the darkness that surrounds them. “All Beings are full of Light.” This is an affirmation that we use at the beginning of each day.

Life on earth has trained us to look at our problems. But no answer ever comes in the dark. If we just shift our attention to the Light, we will see more positive possibilities.
Light expands our consciousness and shows us more positive options. The greatest gift we can give to our world happens when we visualize everyone filled with Light. Our world will change. Now that the doorways to the worlds of Light are open, many beings of Light are here with us. If we ask for the Light, they will add their Light to our Light and double our potential to have a happier life. You are not alone. The masters are with you. Ask them to help you to remember the Light and increase it in your life every day. Do this and your world will change.

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