Monday, November 3, 2014

Bob Fickes ~ Karma: Ripples in the Water

When the water is calm, we can see the Moon reflected in it clearly. When the water is full of ripples, the image of the Moon breaks up and we cannot see it anymore. Did the Moon disappear? No, the ripples of karma simply distorted our perception and we cannot see clearly.
When anger is thrown at us, our consciousness is broken and we no longer see clearly. Wait before you react. The water of consciousness will return to calmness and we can see more clearly what to do.

Our environment is full of karma every day. Learning to wait until our consciousness returns to calmness is a major key to changing our reactions. Meditation helps us to calm our mind, body and soul. Every time we meditate, we remember how to relax and let go. Meditation helps us to allow the ripples of karma to move through the water and be released. Every ripple will eventually settle down and return to calmness.
If we act when the water is agitated, then our reaction will be agitated too. This makes new karma and the ripples appear over and over again. The water never has a chance to find calmness. Refrain from acting during the ripples of karma and allow your mind, body and soul to settle back into calmness. This is the only teaching worth learning.
It is not possible to find calmness when the consciousness is agitated. There is no possible right response if we act during the agitation from karma. No idea or understanding will stop the ripples. Only letting go and waiting until the energy settles down, will allow us to find the right response. Clear mind, clear heart allows us to see clearly and react positively to each situation. Agitated mind and agitated heart will always result in more agitation. There is nothing to understand. Wait until you are calm and true insight will result. This is the path of true wisdom.

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