Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Bob Fickes ~ There Are Gods Living In and Around Your Home!

Have you ever seen a flash of light in your room? Usually this is a sign that there are angels or gods present with you. These gods have been with your family for generations and follow you wherever you are living. There are also gods and angels that have been on the land where you are living. When a building is put on this land, the gods remain with the land and wait to find someone who will honor them and play with them.

Gods and angels live in a parallel dimension to ours. They are there all the time but normally don’t cross over to our dimension. As our consciousness gets brighter and more loving, they notice us and want to connect to our life. They feed on love and enjoy being around us. When we start to acknowledge them, they will be our friend and guardian for life. All they need is love! A little love brings a lot in return. Have fun!

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