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Lauren C Gorgo ~ Excerpt of 5D Report ~ 2015: constructing the collective dream
5DHappy New Year!
“Happy” might still be a stretch at this point, but this much I do know: I am thrilled to be entering into this new vibration and even more thrilled to be exiting 2014…and 2013…and 2012, respectively.
Tho I definitely say that every year knowing full well that the cosmic forces only increase in power and succession…even still, there is a definite sense that 2015 is the year when we start our meteoric rise to the top after so many years (decades?) of bottoming out.
Our downward journey, deep into the dark bowels of human separation draws to a close, and we begin again.  This time toward the light and not away from it.

So first, a quick round of applause for those still standing…well, sitting likely. Who am I kidding…laying down, obviously. The last two years (specifically since the 12/12/12 portal) may well qualify as literal hell in your life, but for those who made it thru the very long and very difficult trial by fire, heaven awaits…our assembly.
Oh, wait…you didn’t think that heaven came pre-assembled did you?
God I hope not, cuz we got ALOTTA work to do on this planet…hence, transcending duality is just the precursor, the opening act. By the sour condition of this aching blue orb…our unconditionally LOVEing mother and space-holder for eons of human unconsciousness…I would say that we have enough bettering to do to fill eternity twice over. But that’s part of the excitement this year…it’s why we all came here, what we are all deeply programmed for, and so naturally employing our own special part in the divine plan will bring us unfathomable fulfilment.
I mean, who doesn’t love a good makeover?…not to mention THE motherload of all makeovers.  Pun intended.  Yes indeedy, we are all about to take part in the ultimate Extreme Makeover: earth edition…we are going to be given the opportunities needed to finally weave our collective dream for earth into the tapestry of life ON earth. No more wishing, no more wanting, no more hoping.  After many…many…m-a-n-y years observing the game, this year we will get called in off the bench. Ready or not.
As my super insightful sister (and web/tech maestro for TWHY!) Kimberlee so poignantly said in her last blog article which really inspired me: “It’s time to build.”  And how.
We are not on earth at this time purely for the pleasure (?) of resurrecting & beautifying our own bodies and lives…for what would be the point of a mass ascension unless we are also here, en masse, to pimp the planet?…to make it a better place each in our own unique way, and then inspire others to do the same? Not in the name of saving, but in the name of creating…our bliss.  The christed frequency that we are aggressively attuning to all but demands that we beautify, that we elevate life…it pulses thru us with such pure creative desire, such passionate exuberance, that if we don’t channel the energy in an uplifting way, it feels like we will explode.  Can you imagine how that will catch on?
Actually, the Pleiadian High Council interjects here to remind us that we are not only here to resurrect & renew our lives, bodies and ultimately the planetary body, but that we are also here to bring Gaia with us to the Golden Age.  Aka, the earth cannot ascend without us…actually, holographically speaking, earth does not even exist without us. Translation: what we do for ourselves, we ultimately do for the world. Holographic translation: As within, so without.
Now, while all this may seem an impossible task, I assure you, you came equipped.  Besides, heaven  t o t a l l y  comes with a manual…with very detailed instructions, I might add.
Not like vague Ikea instructions, save for one tiny allen wrench designed to erect an entire kitchen of cabinets and a new shower…no. I am talking, perfectly pre-planned blueprint with pin-point accurate specs, explicitly designed (by you) for your very own part in the construction of a new world…that which exists right inside of you, right now, right in your ticker.
That’s always been the case really, we are just so much closer to it now that we are readying to employ our deeper, more purposeful passions and so we are remembering our unique plan with more precision than ever. (Incidentally, if at any point you lose your instruction manual you can always re-download the driver for Heaven on Earth 1.1 from the cloud…there might even be a mobile app.  Keep in mind however, that we will be in beta until the 2.0 version: Heaven IS Earth…after we have worked out most of the major kinks, post 2016.)
With any fortuity, we’ll get this first-time-ever-on-earth-experiment close to right….even if this is how the “divine blueprint’ honestly feels at the mo:
Heaven on earth… in. the. bag.
World-stage-fright aside, when I feel into 2015 there is so much to offer by way of creative exploration that it’s hard not to want to jump ahead and get excited.  There is always a lot of hope and pressure at the onset of a new year so I am not going to fall prey to the lure of tempting (and mostly ambiguous) predictions in these intentionally un-predict-able energies…however, I will say that from the Pleiadian perspective, this year truly holds the ripening potential to begin constructing ‘the new way of BEing’ in the physical world…a world, beginning with our own, that will more accurately reflect the christed resonance now permeating the planet.
And even tho there are some personal…and largely biological…steps we still need to take as our christ body continues it’s activation process (more on that in the section below), the council tells me that we officially break ground for new earth construction in the spring, directly following the winter thaw (after March equinox). So while there may still may be some interwoven hibernation streaks ahead as the divine merger continues to blend the past and future into the now, there is also great preparation required for the planning and organizing of our new life structures.
An important part of that preparation I am told, will be in joining forces with others this year.  For many, 2015 will birth some co-creative endeavors of the highest order as group collectives (soul family) are being magnetized toward each in much greater ways for the purpose of enacting the BIG plan…the parts of which will be put into play by each of us individually, but that we planned together prior to our incarnation.
Now that we are fully awake and aware of our roles as planetary stewards, it is time to put those roles into action…to step up into our greater capacity, in some cases, via leadership positions. We are soon to uphold our higher potential as divine orchestrators, directors, designers and builders of the new way.  This will obviously not be accomplished overnight, but it will move with greater ease and much universal support as the months move on. Once in motion, the building momentum of all our shared visions will begin to flow together in complete harmony with the divine plan, what I like to think of as: project earth renewal.
There is so much to be done, granted…but none more than each of us can handle when we come together in shared passion, purpose & potential to live and LOVE limitlessly in the new world.
This is the year when so many new concepts will be born into the collective consciousness.  Your role as creator Gods will be to first welcome these higher visions into your life as plausible realities, and then to implement that which you are called to employ by your very own heart. What an exciting time awaits you…
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