Thursday, January 8, 2015

Karen Dover ~ “waiting” vs “active waiting” vs “letting go”

As the New Earth frequencies begin to amplify that which needs to be released many within the human race are faced with the APPARENT “puzzle” of what to do at any given moment. There are many deep teachings and many contradictory teachings. I have seen some that state clearly to “wait”, that divine timing is just sitting around waiting on the universe to give you sign.  This teaching is a huge distortion, as we sit in “waiting” mode the universe sits down with us and “waits”, after all within the New Earth frequency realities the human life experience is co-created, this means that we work WITH the universal energies.  The teaching of “active waiting” is also a distortion with many placing their focus purely on energy and filtering out that we are in human form for a reason, the New Earth is not created on the energetic planes to be experienced as only energy, it is to be birthed into the outer waking reality that is experienced as human life.  The “letting go” teaching which has been distorted by the old 3D earth created construct that seeks to teach us that we simply let go of people, places and events and life will magically “solve” itself.
As there is no puzzle in TRUTH for ALL JUST IS how can any puzzle be solved? there is NO PUZZLE, this is a creation of the old 3D earth created construct to keep us locked into thinking which has us wandering down streets that do not exist anywhere outside of the creation of the human mind.  Again a hugely distorted teaching is around thoughts, thoughts DO NOT create reality, FREQUENCY is the only thing that can create reality for all FREQUENCY is decoded and interpreted AS REALITY. The universe is not made up of thoughts, it is made up of frequency and energy.

Everything taught in the old 3D earth created construct is designed to contain and suppress, it is all back to front, like looking in a mirror, we are shown a reflection but the reflection is back to front. So simply holding and trying to train the thoughts is trying once more to solve a puzzle that does not exist. FREQUENCY CREATES THOUGHTS for it creates a reality with options, all  thoughts are a frequency within a bandwidth. The “solution” to the next unfolding of this human life experience is found in expansion which is moved into by releasing FREQUENCY, once the frequency is released the thoughts also are released and new ways of interpreting the world are then anchored and reached. It appears in the human life experience as a “lightbulb” moment, at times it may be accompanied by a “why did I not think of this before”, the reason being the thought was created from a different frequency than was running and so could not be reached.
It is not possible to change the consciousness of the human race without said human race allowing the expansion of FREQUENCY to reach the expanded thoughts that are a result of the expanded consciousness. Repeating eternally “i am happy, i am ready” simply keeps the loop in place and results in massive frustration when the outer waking reality then remains in a static loop. This is how the old 3D earth created construct was anchored within the human race, with frequencies pulling together and thoughts put into action in the outer waking world, the thoughts always created from the frequencies. This is why we cannot solve anything from the energy that created the “problem”. The frequency must be released to allow a higher frequency and DIFFERENT THOUGHT PATTERNS to emerge. If this is not done then it is just a loop repeating itself which at the moment is happening in the outer world as many attempt to try to solve a puzzle which is not there. There cannot be a puzzle for every creation has a solution to use a human phrase.
At this time we are asked to allow the higher frequencies to anchor and to flow through us, around us and within us. Trying to hold on, trying to “think” our way out of what is occurring simply tries to anchor that which as gone before and as I have blogged repeatedly there can be no “same” in nature, energy constantly moves and shifts, it is never static.
For more information on how to change your outer waking reality please visit the main website where I have created a short course that explains how to expand your frequency and how to change your outer waking reality.
“LOVE is the answer, no matter the question”

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