Friday, January 23, 2015

Karen Dover ~ The “war” – the overcoat of the SOUL construct and the need for release

As many of you are now experiencing the energies are intense, many are in chaos at this time and many are feeling irritable and feel as if they are going round in circles.  Of course it is not possible to “go around in circles” in TRUTH for energy naturally expands but we have not been placed in a natural expansive space, said naturally expansive space exists beyond the old 3D earth created construct. Many are in the belief that they are in balance and yet being in balance is to be in FLOW of the natural energies that exist all around us.  To be “held” in a pattern is the way that the universe shows us that we are holding tightly to a belief that is not TRUTH, as only TRUTH is supported in the New Earth it is not possible to experience beyond without letting go of said belief.
There is no one belief that we can choose that opens a vibrational doorway, this is a deep spiritual teaching that seeks to teach that we simply choose to believe that everything is tickety boo and voila it is so. This is illusion, TRUTH is not a belief, it JUST IS. We do not have to “believe” in TRUTH, it exists beyond the boundaries that are taught to us as beliefs.  This is holding many in patterns at this time and requires to be released.

So how do we release a belief? well we first of all have to challenge it and then accept that it is a belief. To deny is to reinforce the very frequency that is being shown as distortion. It is to be remembered that the old 3D earth created construct placed within each lower dimensional frequency a “protective kick”, this is to say that once we illuminate the frequency it seeks to have us let it be. It seeks to prove its need to us, therefore protecting itself from release.  Often will be the requirement to release and be shown what is beyond the limitation AFTER the release. This is called FAITH and is a requirement for the New Earth frequency realities.
To experience a shinier version of the old 3D earth created construct is to simply polish what is there, it is not a new reality or a new human life experience. Many are sitting wondering what is happening believing that the New Earth has arrived and are in confusion as to why it does not appear to work for them. The New Earth is birthing, it is being co created at all moments of all moments and this process is ETERNAL, there never comes a landing moment where we can state, okay we are in the New Earth for it is a process of EVOLUTION. As the human logical mind cannot readily accept that it is process it will start to reject this and try to teach us that we have a destination.
For all of those people who are waiting on 5D its a long wait due to the teachings that seek to teach that it is a destination and then defined it for you.   The New Earth is an evolutionary process where we can explore and constantly expand our human life experience. It is not nirvana, it is not a space station, it is not on top of a mountain, its the EVOLUTION of a species defined as the human race.
2015 is a year of EXPANSION in which this TRUTH will be brought home over and over again, those who cannot accept that they have been simply taught another belief system will find their personal life to be one of chaos and confusion and frustration. This may see many turn on each other believing that their belief is somehow better than another whilst filtering out the problem is the concept of BELIEF. TRUTH JUST IS, it is not a belief.
The SOUL construct now comes to the surface of the human life experience, for many this will be a shock, to feel trapped within their own reality and no doorway surfacing, yet another cycle of energetic experience but at human waking mind level nothing physical birthing. This is the blindness and the “protection” that is built into the SOUL construct.  We are SPIRIT poured into a human vehicle, we have been taught that the SOUL is part of us when it is set of frequencies that align us only with the teachings of the old 3d earth created construct.  The SOUL construct is not TRUTH, it is the veil that separates the human being from SPIRIT and has been used to contain, to manipulate and to direct the human life experience.  This remains hidden to many at this time, a bit like walking in the wood and not being able to see the wood for the trees, the feeling that something is off and yet not being able to put a finger on it.
The male energy is now anchoring fully, the fractured female energy will try to persuade us that it is invading, that there is no need, it will attempt to ignite the “war of the sexes” that the old 3D earth created construct was built upon.  Therefore it is vital to view the human race as HUMAN and define no further. To allow peace to anchor upon this planet we must work TOGETHER, that is not female with female creating a further fracture but female with male. The old 3D earth created construct taught “sisters together” and “brothers together” for a reason, the teachings taught to each sex amplify and therefore further blind when they are not mixed together.  MALE/FEMALE is balance, the actual gender is a distraction which is why so much emphasis is placed on the human naked form.
Sex has been used to fracture, to disconnect and to separate BOTH sexes not just women but men also yet once again the old 3d earth created construct seeks to teach us to place the blame at the feet of men. This is the optical illusion that may prevent the anchoring of male energy, there is no getting away from male energy regardless of which human form we have taken for balance is MALE/FEMALE regardless, it is the natural law of the universe.
At this time we are asked to breathe and to let it all arise within us, everything JUST IS, what is it that we believe that shows us a picture that is anything other than JUST IS? if at this time there is a major emotional trigger that emotional trigger is the “protection” that seeks to persuade you to look elsewhere. Look at the emotion and challenge it, everything JUST IS and WE ARE.
“LOVE is the answer, no matter the question”.

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