Monday, January 26, 2015

Bob Fickes ~Message from Kannon Sama (The Thousand Hands)

Blessings my Friends and Fellow Light Workers! You are pushing the veils and lifting your Consciousness into Multi-dimensions. Now the spiritual work that you are doing is happening on many dimensions at the same time. While you are here in real Earth Time you are also equally active on other planes of existence. You are becoming Multi-dimensional beings!
I am here for you at this time to show you how to be more active and mindful of your New Life. Maybe you have noticed high-pitched sounds in the background of your consciousness. Maybe you feel that there is a rumble of karma deep inside of you while you are active during the day. This is all quite normal. Your daily mind needs only be conscious of what you are doing in this world. Do not worry about what is happening on other levels. Even your karma is in our hands as it moves old memories from your body and soul. We are helping you at every step.

At this stage of your development, you only need to be aware of these deeper levels moving energy. You do not need to feel responsible for what is happening. Higher Consciousness does not mean that now you must be responsible for everything that happens. You only need to let it go and let it flow. Be aware of the currents of energy but do nothing. This is not a time for control. This is a time for letting go and trusting that your Higher Consciousness is taking care of everything for you.
Think of your self as two beings in one. One self is your personal life. This is your Small Self. Another part of you is much bigger so we call this your Higher Self or Big Self. This is the real you! You are not this person living in this world. This person is only your appearance. Your True Nature is Infinite. We can call this your Cosmic Self. It is in harmony with the universe and can do no harm and creates no karma. Your Cosmic Self moves with the flow of the Universe. All time past and all time future is right here, right now. Your Cosmic Self is orchestrating your entire life to come into balance and learn how to be free in this life forever.
We are here. I am here. We are moving through you even when you are not conscious of us. We have become One. Your life is changing rapidly now. Just enjoy and try not to think too much. All is Well. You are truly Blessed! WE LOVE YOU!
I AM KANNON! I AM your next level of Consciousness. I AM with you always! You are becoming Me! I AM becoming You! Bless you!

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