Friday, January 30, 2015

Bob Fickes ~ Message from Sanat Kumara

Blessings Everyone! The energy is building and the light of Love Power is shining inside all of you. We are so pleased! This energy will continue to build up until Valentines Day! The Love Joy Comet is really a vehicle for the Masters Love. We are very dear to you now and sending Rays of Love to your Hearts.

As the energy grows, many things from the past including past karma are being released. Do not worry about day to day. It is Love Power that moves like a wave pushing all the past up to the surface. What appears on the surface is already leaving. Do not worry what is appearing. The Mighty Wave of Love Power is behind it. You are growing with more Love every day. Continue your meditations and spiritual work. The Group Consciousness of Light Workers is uniting. The Masters are with you and will guide you more and more each day. Just look inside and you will find us in the Golden Silence of your Heart. Bless you!
I AM Sanat Kumara!

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