Saturday, January 24, 2015



At the beginning of 2015, the gap between the old reality of duality and the New Reality appears larger than ever before. At the same time a mass migration is taking place as many people leave duality behind and move into the New Landscape. More and more of us are realizing that we will not find our True Place, True People and True Purpose within our old, worn out context.

January brings us many opportunities for Ho'o Pono Pono or Making Things Right. Some of the things we need to make right we've already been aware of, while others are new challenges. We may also encounter occasional glitches that are in our way. Most of these arrive unexpectedly. Some of them might appear formidable at first until we reassert our Heart's Knowingness that ALL IS WELL. Then we simply become like water, flowing in streams of Trueness, flowing in streams of True Heart Love, until all blockages are washed away.

In many ways, January represents the end of a very long cycle. We are letting go of many old habits, behaviors and limited beliefs that we've carried with us for much of our lives. We are releasing the need to conform to what "others" expect of us and following what we know to be True. We may be making plans to leave our job, relationship or living situation. Many elements in our lives are now being put into position to create a setup, a Perfect Storm, so we can clearly see what needs to be changed and are propelled to do it. It's important that we utilize this rare opportunity by implementing the MEGA RESET in all areas of our lives.

January is a time of major clearing, cleansing and purging anything that no longer resonates with the New Reality. There is a new energetic window of opportunity to release anything that inhibits our highest vibrational frequency. Because of this, many of us will be clearing the path into our True Lives in January.

January will be a time of heightened clarity. We will be guided into our True Position with confidence and courage, in a way that we have never experienced before. The two main challenges will be letting go when we absolutely know that it is necessary and being affected by the impacts arising from dying duality itself.

January is brilliantly removing anything which has held us back from leaping into our New Lives. This includes fears, insecurities and all types of resistances. This is happening this month so that in February we will have a much cleaner slate than we do now. Then we can leap into clear, decisive action to quickly get into our True Positions.

Many of us have been waiting for something definitive to happen. We can feel huge changes on their way. There's also a strong sense of waiting for something deep within us to be activated so we can fully emerge as our True Selves. We are waiting for a key to turn so a doorway into a completely new reality can fully open. Until it does, we should continue to put as many elements as possible into their right positions, for this is what will create the key.

January is the change before the Change. It is our final month of waiting. When we reach the Turning Point, the door to the New World will fully open. After that, there will be no turning back. NO DOWN - NO RETURN. We can feel a huge sense of excitement at what is to come!

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  1. Thank U so much Beloved Solara & Meline for sharing & caring this Awesomeness.I fully resonate with this. Most exciting times as well as challenging to me & many. Onenessbliss. I Am Love & So Are U.
    Aum .