Saturday, January 31, 2015

Karen Dover ~ TRUTH vs Belief

karen doonan

Many of you may have heard me discuss FLOW on the Beyond the Looking Glass Radio Showlast night with my guest Roger Larsen from Norway.  In the show we discussed the dissolving of the old 3D earth created construct and how we must now allow for the FLOW of TRUTH to enter into our human vehicles and flow around, within and through us.  Many are at this time working from the standpoint of trying to anchor TRUTH, they search and they debate and then they attempt to anchor into a reality. This is the opposite of what we are asked to do at this moment. For TRUTH ALREADY EXISTS, it has always existed, we were simply taught to filter TRUTH out and to keep the old 3d earth created construct stable by providing it with the energy source of the frequency of fear.
The old 3d earth created construct taught us this by teaching us to remain in logic, to always defer to our human eyes and reference through our logical mind.  This takes us OUT of FLOW and attempts to create a construct, constructs are not TRUTH for you cannot construct a flow!  FLOW JUST IS as TRUTH JUST IS and both already exist.  To reach them we need only take down the constructs that we have been taught to build and preserve within us. These are the old 3d earth created construct teachings that seek to teach us that life is hard and that we must struggle and fight for what we believe. This filters out that FLOW IS NATURAL and needs no fighting for or struggle, the very fact that any struggle or fight is present shows the construct is in place.  Life is not a challenge, nor hard, we have simply been TAUGHT to BELIEVE that this is so, why do we believe this is so?  because we are not only taught to believe but we are taught to CREATE SAID STRUGGLE.

Anyone who has ever tried to swim against a current will know how draining and exhausting it is.  Likewise life in the old 3d earth created construct is similar to this, always going AGAINST the natural flow of energies, always struggling to maintain relationships and life paths, all born out of a construct which seeks to define itself and teach us that it must exist.  So the fight and the struggle is the frequency that we are attempting to release.  Cosmic ordering, mindfulness etc are all born out of the old 3d earth created construct which seeks to teach that we must create whilst filtering out that we cannot do anything other than create for CREATION IS A NATURAL expression of energy.
What is not natural is the old 3d earth created construct concepts and ideas, this is why I repeatedly blog that nothing from the old 3d earth created construct can be taken into the New Earth. The New Earth is not a creation, it ALREADY EXISTS and has ALWAYS EXISTED, it is simply termed “new” in order to differentiate between the construct we were born into and the natural existence of ALL THAT IS that already exists.
This may confuse the human logical mind for we are continually taught to construct things from the energy that is around us, but creation is a natural occurrence and in order to move fully into FLOW in TRUTH we need simply allow the creation energies to flow through us, around us and within us. Many are attempting to anchor another reality on top of the one that is dissolving and as this is not TRUTH it is not supported. Many are in frustration due to this belief as their human minds try to teach them that they must create but in a different way.
This pulls the human life experience out of FLOW for in FLOW we experience the miracles that are all around us. A miracle is simply an outcome that our human logical mind cannot perceive. As we expand into the New Earth frequencies we are returning to who we are in TRUTH. We are not returning to another construct which as discussed in the program many believe to be another dimensional reality. ALL previous realities destroyed the earth and this is not permitted in the New Earth, there is no destruction of the New Earth which is why we cannot fail at what we came here to birth. We came to birth ourselves, nothing else, for WE ARE. All else flows from this, through us and around us and is manifest in the outer waking reality we call this human life experience.
To control, to hold on, to try to manipulate the FLOW is not TRUTH and is not supported. Many are attempting to rebuild that which has already been manifest, only TRUTH can be strengthened for only TRUTH JUST IS.  Moving into the heart space and opening the doors to the FLOW of the higher energies is the way to work with this, working from the old 3d earth created construct of SOUL, SOULAR PLEXUS etc is using the old 3d earth frequencies with different labels for only the HEART space knows TRUTH and the LOVE that IS only flows through the heart. The connection to SOURCE is only through the HEART not any other chakra and there are many teachings that seek to hide this.
Many default to the “I AM”, believing that this is a quick route to SOURCE, the “I AM” resides in the SOULAR PLEXUS, it does not connect to SOURCE, the only route to SOURCE is through HEART space.  Belief is not TRUTH just as TRUTH is not a belief.  The old 3d earth created construct is now pushing many beliefs out into the outer waking world, trying to teach yet again that simply believing is the route home.  We do not have to believe that we need oxygen to breathe, just like we do not need to believe that we can walk to use our legs.  ALL JUST IS.
As the debates now rage in the outer waking world we are asked to detach from belief and turn our hearts to OPEN and LISTEN, for the HEART knows TRUTH at all levels of our Being. We are not asked to believe, we are not asked to judge, we are asked to BE, to BE in TRUTH which is a knowing which comes from SOURCE.  For we incarnated into a human form upon this planet but part of our spirit remained at SOURCE ready to guide and to show us TRUTH.  For a race that has been kept deliberately separate from this we are asked to open our hearts to GOD, to accept that we are a creation of GOD for GOD created the universe and all within the universe. Again we are not being asked to adopt a religion but to understand and connect with GOD. For this we need nothing except an open heart and a TRUST and FAITH IN SELF to find GOD. Then the world will be shown as it is in TRUTH, the blindfolds will dissolve and we will see that which we have been prevented from seeing due to the human mind being programmed to work against TRUTH. TRUTH does not and cannot reside in the human logical mind, it is found only through the heart space.
“LOVE is the answer, no matter the question”.

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