Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Méline Portia Lafont ~ Reminder and Reflection of the moment from the Arcturians

The Arcturians: 

This NOW period revolves around all what you are : your heart center. This is what it is all boiling down to and where drastic impulses and changes are going to occur. The build up of the elevated collective is in its growth process and nears its full glory; therefore, all focus should be placed on this because it is utterly crucial and important now.

A lot of portals have opened themselves, lots more are about to be opened and energetic vortexes will be activated. What is about to occur in the Now is very crucial and will be responsible for your future Now. As humanity you will be accountable for your own creations and for the global changes, just because this is your process and your reality. The already opened portals and the activated vortexes will provide pleasurable as well as very intense changes. You all carry these energies and portals within you through the connections and the integrations you have with the whole of the Cosmos and with this Universe as your Galactic aspect and your light aspect.

The inner portals have to do with your consciousness and your integration of Self. The more enlightenment and awakening take place, the more the inner connection with your Self becomes a fact and when that takes place the inner portals will get activated in yourself as well as outside yourself in the universe, because you reflect your inner to everything that is outside of you. That is the truth : you all are walking portals in incarnation, grounding everything that you are into Beloved Gaia. The minute this is seen as your truth and as yourself, a huge wave of energy will pass through your incarnation and through your heart, providing the necessary adrenaline to continue on and to magnify what you are.

Hence, these times can be very challenging and it will be very important to be able to balance with all the light, all the love and all the cosmic rays and energies that will now overflow your planet and your embodiments with “All That Is”. 

Blessings, the Arcturians

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  2. I do resonate (very much) with this message from The Acturians. We are all consolidating and merging with all our multi-dimensional selves. We gauge, merge, transmute, transform and energize the energy from all aspects of our multi-dimensional energies. When we are in the moment of realizing the consolidated truth for ourselves, a decision is being made .. it's constantly mutating and constantly upgrading itself with the whole aspects of One. Thank you Meline Lafont for this timely message. Namaste

  3. Thank U for Being the Lightbeing that U Are, dearest Friend & Cocreator Meline.As soon as my Beloved has joined me ,I ' d Love to follow Your course & will be Happily & Gratefully joining the legion of lightbeings , channeling our highest Wisdom from within.Love is the way, Understanding the tool and Peace in Harmony with Mother Nature & All that Is within, above & around us the goal. We Are All One & All is Interconnected. In an Abundance of Joy ,in Deepest Gratitude & in Highest Love, I Am That I Am. Om Sai Ram. Om Shanti. Aum