Sunday, January 11, 2015

1-11-15 Bill Ballard ~ 23rd Anniversary of Opening the 11 11 Doorway! We...

What an amazing adventure we have had since Opening the 11:11 Doorway 23 years ago today. So much we believed and foresaw then has shifted generating a new reality that no one could have prophesized. From our view 23 years ago we were looking at 2 worlds separating and the lower vibrational world of the two destroying itself, similar to the destruction of Atlantis but with those ascending continuing onto New Earth. With all the ceremonies and frequency increases as well as the activation of true blue walking talking ascending masters all over this planet, we have shifted it for the collective… All will come through this ascension process as we proceed…. How long will that take??? I certainly do not know but to see the shifts that have unfolded and the majic we have performed and are currently experiencing in our individual experiences…. Its happening! We did it! We have shifted this planet and the human collective! WE are on our way to New Earth, and together! LOVE! 

Ronna Herman’s Archangel Michael message of 1/1/15…. Always a fractal of my own messages each and every time! WE, Ronna and I, bb, come from the same fragment obviously. Ronna describes her process of activation and bringing forth information during her 87 plus years on planet since Harmonic Convergence and Opening the 11:11 Doorway… This is a good listen too with an open mic Archangel Michael channeling! Amazing as usual! Click the “Replay” link at the bottom of the page here: and 

Palona’s newest message 2015 ~ The year of the magician AND

Matt Kahn’s December 2014 message about 2015 

Patricial Cota-Robles Healing waters of the past 20 years “During the past 20 years, powerful Activities of Light have taken place involving the Healing Waters of the World. Since 70% to 80% of the Planet and 70% to 80% of our physical bodies are composed of water, it is important for us to know about these events and to realize that they have greatly accelerated our Ascension process.”

Gillian MacBeth-Louthans January “The Quantum Awakening Newsletter” ~Always spot on for me~ 

An old 1996 interview with Solara about 11:11 and beyond… Things certainly have shifted!

Hilarion just after I published this video.

IN5D today about Edgar Cayce and 11:11

Cosmic Rays Surge for this 23rd Anniversary of Opening the 11:11 Doorway from Suspicious Observers

From Sandra Walter :

Meline LaFont http://pleiadedolphininfos.blogspot.c...

Kara Schallock on 1-11-15

Dana Mrkich

Lisa Gawlas

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