Friday, January 23, 2015

Bob Fickes ~ Duty, Responsibility and the Role of Love

We all worry about being responsible and doing what others expect or what our culture tells us to do. We worry about doing the “right” thing, but even when we do it we are not happy and others are not always happy. Just doing the right thing does not guarantee that our results will be good. There is something missing.
This universe is not governed by human rules. Human beings have the power to FEEL the difference between right and wrong. If it feels right and your heart is peaceful, then it IS right and everyone will be happy. If we think it is right but we have feelings of doubt or discomfort, then it is probably wrong and it is better to avoid doing it. Love is the missing ingredient.

When we feel love and always trust our feelings, anything we do will make the universe happy. Everything we do must come from love and feeling peaceful and good inside our self. If we are feeling good and come from love, then anything we do will result in good feelings for others and the universe will be happy.
We don’t need to throw out the rules! We just have to observe them with love! All human rules evolved out of experience. If they have been true for centuries, then there must be something good about them. What is most useful lasts longest in time. What is not useful lasts only a short time! The fault is not in the rules. The only fault is that as human beings we mindlessly follow the rules without observing if they cause pain. Our mind thinks it is right even when it causes pain. This is ego!
Never do something just because your mind tells you it is right. You must feel peaceful and loving before you do something. To put it more simply, go by your inner feelings. If it feels right, and you can do it without pushing or controlling, then the result will be in harmony with the universe. Any form of control and any form of pushing will result in friction. This friction we call karma. Even when you think something is right, if you have to push or control to do it, you will create more karma. Action that comes from peace and love results in the greatest fulfillment. The whole universe is happy.

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