Sunday, January 11, 2015

Bob Fickes ~ Tenkawa Benzaiten

In the ancient Sanskrit scripture known as the Devi Bhagavatam it says that at some point on the spiritual path every soul will encounter a huge doubt. They will doubt everything they know about reality. This doubt is so huge that even their master cannot answer their questions about reality. There is only one solution: go to Saraswati also known as Benzaiten and she will remove your doubt.
Tenkawa is known for the great River of Heaven that flows through the mountains and for the holy rocks that descended from Heaven and remain at the Tenkawa Shrine. Souls who are looking for the final transformation and rebirth into Enlightenment and Ascension come to Tenkawa to be immersed in the spiritual Ki that permeates the mountain and the sky. This is a place of great renewal, a place that will lift your soul and open your divine senses to the final reality of Enlightenment.

Sanat Kumara has spoken of Tenkawa as a place where the 144,000 masters once met with Benzaiten and were given instructions to spread the teaching of Enlightenment throughout the world. Although this event occurred over two million years ago, the memory of this event still remains hidden deep within our DNA. We are all being called to Tenkawa to lift our souls enough that our memories can reawaken and we can remember the Master that is hidden inside our soul. It is a time to recommit to our Divine Purpose and gather once again in unity of spiritual consciousness. This global connection with our Divine Self and the glorious Ascended Masters is certain to create a new wave of inspiration for all of us. Lets join hands and join our hearts in unison with the Masters and lift our consciousness one more step towards the Age of Enlightenment.
We call on Benzaiten to bring us her White Light of Pure Knowledge and awaken our soul. Our united Love Power will continue to build momentum until Valentines Day on February 14th. Lets merge our hearts together and harness this wonderful Love Power for all the people of the world. Enjoy the journey even in your dreamtime and receive the great blessings from the Ascended Masters. May we all bring in the White Light for the next five weeks and be immersed in the radiance of Love Power for the good of our self and our world.

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  1. Thank You for sharing this Beautifull Message. Shared with Infinite Love & Gratitude. We Are All Uniting in Divine LOVE & LIGHT.
    In Lack`ech Ala K`ìn.