For now, so much has changed that needed to be changed, and so much has been changed that again will speed up the proceedings considerably. For you are a formidable group of beings dear ones, one that never stops when the going gets tough and one that never ceases to push even further than the stipulated targets agreed upon beforehand. For you are all eager to put yourselves to the test in more ways than one, and as such, there are literally no limits to what you can do, which was once again amply proven last night. For then, you came together in what can only be described as a highly successful group event that once again served to put the right kind of spin to the proceedings in such a way, you managed to hitch together a veritable train of interlocking energetic spools that in turn will serve as magnifiers to the whole pool of available energy you have at your disposal.
Again, we speak in convoluted terms, but let us just say that what you accomplished was no mean feat, and what you accomplished was also beyond and above what was expected at this time, and for this, we commend you all. For not only did you manage to co-create another important passageway through theethers, you also managed to convey a message to the higher spheres that you as a collective are more than ready to step up not just one, but two rungs on the energetic ladder, and this you did in a formidable way.

Again, no details will be given in this fashion but you will all be thoroughly briefed in a more direct way as to just what your role in this has been. In fact, many of you have had your updates given to you already, but as usual, this is happening at a space in your own consciousness that you have yet to access by way of the human parts of your awareness to put it simple. In other words, you may still feel “left in the dark” if you search for some conscious recollections of what you have partaken in, but at the same time, you will all in some way feel an echo of this monumental event resounding through your entire being in one way or the other. And remember, these echoes may also serve to confuse you at times, for the way they move through your being will be in a wavelike fashion, rippling out in all directions at various speeds, so the information per se can be difficult to literally pinpoint. Be that as it may, take this as a confirmation that yes, last night’s event was one of the more important ones undertaken by this wonderful collective of shining souls over the last period, and it is also one that will have far-reaching consequences in the time ahead.
For you have literally multiplied your input and your output by doing what you did, and as such the trajectory forwards will once again alter not just its speed but also its curve. For this is not a “straight and narrow” path you are travelling on as we have told you before. It is in actual fact a vibrational field that gives you quite a lot of leeway to decide in what way, at what speed and in what manner you choose to navigate it, and to sum it up, you have chosen more than well on all accounts. So once again we congratulate you all on a task well done, and once again we extend out gratitude towards you all on behalf of All of creation. For you are indeed the shining ones, the ones that will not take the long and winding road, rather you opt for the route that will give you maximum momentum at any given time. So once again we say give yourself a pat on the back and take some time to try to savour your accomplishments, but know that once again you will not have much time to rest on your laurels. But as you have proven beyond any shadow of any doubt by now, you have not come here to rest on anything, least of all any well-earned laurels.
For you are here to do what needs to be done in order to make it all come alive, and as such, there will not be long to wait for any of you before you get the chance to sink your teeth into yet another juicy morsel of co-creation. For now, you are rearing to go, and the fountain of light within you is ready to burst forth in all of its power, and it will not be long before you get a new chance to shine even brighter than ever before. For remember the more you engage with these energies, the more they will pour forth and so your combined efforts will be all the more effective. And so it goes, in an ever widening spiral of enlightenment that will lift you all higher and let your spirits soar further and further afield. So let your body have some well earned rest, and let you spirit continue to lift your imaginations to the next level, and the next and the next after that. For now, there are no limits to anything or anyone, and by the look of things, you are all ready, willing and able to keep the light flowing freely forever and into eternity.