Sunday, January 18, 2015

Bob Fickes ~ The Great Exploration of the Deep Ocean of Consciousness

Consciousness is as deep as an ocean. Normally we are in our mental boat riding around on the surface. We can only imagine what it is like deep inside the ocean. We need a submarine like meditation in order to explore what is beneath the surface. Our Mantra transforms our boat mind into a submarine that can go all the way to the bottom, to the very center of our consciousness and explore.
Once we have learned how to explore the deeper realms of the ocean of Consciousness, our view of reality will never be the same. Before we have gone inside, we think that other waves push our boat around and we must live life full of obstacles that resist where we are going. But once we have entered the field of infinite consciousness, we realize that the ocean generates all waves by our own Divine Self. If we want to move the boat of our life, we simply create a deeper wave from inside our Self and the energy from that wave moves our boat easily to any destination we desire. This is called learning how to master the energy of our consciousness.

Life in Enlightenment is no longer about relative achievements. All relative achievements come and go just like the waves of the ocean. In Enlightenment we become the ocean. The ocean is eternal. It never comes and goes. The life of the ocean is a constant play of energy, just this and nothing more. The wise understand that life is not about living in this world and doing relative things. Life in Enlightenment is about enjoying how much fun it is to move our energy and see something happen! Life becomes a miracle every day!

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