Saturday, January 24, 2015

Bob Fickes ~ What is the Fastest Path to Enlightenment?

Throughout my life I have looked into many different techniques to get Enlightenment. I am still always looking to see if there is a faster way. After all Enlightenment is natural and should be available to everyone. Enlightenment is already inside of everyone, so why should it take so long?
While it is definitely true that Enlightened Consciousness is inside of everyone, it is also true that our Enlightenment is hidden behind many walls of karma. Those walls of karma block our Enlightenment and distort our daily perception. We see life through the veils of our old memories. Our daily perception is like looking through a window that has paintings already on it. We have to tear down those walls and remove the paintings of our old memories before we can see reality clearly.

Most techniques peal away the layers of karmic memories layer by layer until the windows of perception are clear. It can take many years before the window is clear enough to allow us to experience the Infinite Silent Ku/Consciousness that resides deep inside of us.
We are very lucky to have Fulfillment Meditation. No matter where we are or how much karma we have, as soon as we receive Fulfillment Meditation for the first time we go directly through the walls and arrive at the very center of our being: Infinite Silent Space or Ku Consciousness. It happens within the first few minutes of our first meditation, even when our mind does not understand what happened. After all Ku is just our own consciousness, Silent Space without any other image or thought to distract us. In that first meditation we go into Ku so fast and may only be there for a second, so we might miss noticing the space or gap in our perception. But the fact that we went there even for a second means that we have had a glimpse of Enlightenment. Even a glimpse of Enlightenment is still an experience of Enlightenment. Now we just have to practice meditation daily until we can be there all the time and never lose it.
We still have to peal away the layers of karma, but removing the walls is easier once our consciousness has penetrated all the way through the layers and arrived at our goal. Even a second in Ku is powerful enough to weaken all the walls of karma that stand in our way. One by one the walls disappear and the light shines through. The more light that can shine through, the faster the walls come down. It is easier for us to tear down the walls once we have visited our goal even for a moment.
In Fulfillment Meditation we will visit our inner Enlightenment every time we do it. We don’t have to understand what has happened. We just have to go there. The rest is automatic. We are insured that we will one day have our Enlightenment permanently, because we have already gone there! Each meditation allows us to visit Enlightenment and experience it directly even though our mind doesn’t recognize the one second gap of Infinite Empty Space we just visited.
My observation of tens of thousands of Fulfillment Meditators has shown me that most people get a full view of Enlightenment in less than ten years. That is faster than any techniques I have ever seen. If there were a faster way, I would start to teach it immediately. So be patient! Your Enlightenment is coming faster than your mind can understand. When the windows of perception are clear, your life will look normal to you. The only difference in your perception is that in Enlightenment there is no distortion and nothing interfering with your daily life. The walls of karma have been removed and there is no longer anything blocking you from achieving your every desire. Relax and enjoy. Every year will be better than the year before until all the walls are gone. This is truly the fastest path to Enlightenment! You are going there every day in every meditation. Fantastic! We are so lucky!

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