Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Bob Fickes ~ Feeling Too Much Light and Too Alert When We Want to Sleep

Last night when I was getting ready to go to sleep. I had so much energy and was so full of light that I knew I would have problems getting to sleep. This is a common experience with meditators after a large download of energy and light. It will particularly happen when we do the global group meditation. Don’t worry! It is normal! In fact, this is a great sign that your Enlightenment is coming!
One of the signs of Enlightenment is that Ku becomes more permanent. Ku is infinite silent consciousness. When we experience Ku we feel like we are observing our self from behind or from a distance. It feels strange in the beginning, but it is the normal state of Enlightenment. It is particularly noticeable when we are ready to go to sleep. Our body is tired but inside we are so alert that it feels like sleep is impossible. This is not a problem. It is only a sign that Ku is very strong and very alert. When this happens, don’t worry about losing consciousness in sleep. Just lie down and allow your body to rest. Even though your consciousness is very alert, the body will rest and go into a sleep state.
In Enlightenment, the body will sleep, but your consciousness will still be alert. It takes awhile to adjust to this new experience and trust that the body is getting enough rest even though you don’t lose consciousness. The best way to understand this experience is to say that now sleep is like meditation. You will remain alert while the body goes into a very deep state of rest. You have to trust this in the beginning and not worry. If you worry or stay up to read a book or do something, then the body will definitely get tired. But if you relax and lie down and prepare to sleep, your body will feel rested while your consciousness remains alert. Eventually you will knock out and wake up refreshed. But if you fight it and worry, you will probably disturb your “sleep” with all your worries. Try not to project your worries into your sleep. It is counter-productive.
One of the most important experiences of Enlightenment is the fact that you will never lose consciousness. Enlightenment means permanent Infinite Consciousness! Even death cannot touch it or make us go unconscious. Enlightenment is your full infinite consciousness where all of your abilities are available to you at all times. No matter what happens in the world or to your body, you are infinitely free to remain silently conscious and infinitely alert. Being very conscious when you are preparing to go to sleep is a good sign that your Enlightenment is becoming real. Don’t worry! Enjoy!

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