Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Karen Dover ~ Heart vs Logic vs KNOWING in TRUTH

karen doonan

For many people the last few linear days may have felt extremely intense, the influx of higher frequencies across the planet is felt at various levels, some may have felt physically tired, others very emotional.  As I blog often the entire universe is made up of ENERGY and frequency, this is then decoded by our human vehicles into what appears to be solid and appears to be the world around us.  The higher dimensional frequencies are the expansion of the LOVE that IS which is the very fabric of the universe. It matters not whether we are consciously what is termed “awake” and able to determine that which is occurring within, around and through us or not, the frequencies will move EVERYONE in their human form from the lower dimensional frequencies.  This results in the outpouring of emotions as the old 3D earth created construct taught us in our human form to hold on to memories and link them to EMOTIONS which are a frequency.

The old 3D earth created construct taught us to view the world logically, taught us to take action and to repeatedly go over and reference the SAME held emotion/memory.  There are certain areas of the human life experience where we are in a default position. To give you a personal example, when I first encountered the USA I did not first of all embrace the change. Being born and raised in Scotland there are certain almost “inbuilt” ways of reacting and experiencing that run UNCONSCIOUSLY and this is the same for each person across the world.  We do this out of habit due to the culture we are brought up WITHIN.  So I arrive in the USA and the first difference is the temperature, a good 30 degrees warmer than what I had left. This in itself should have been enough to move me out of my “habits” but no I persevered for some time. So drinking HOT TEA in 90 degrees of heat was not a pleasant experience but hey in Scotland we drink our tea hot, something to do with the climate being chilly…… This may seem a very silly and little example but it showed me at the time how deep our conditioning goes.  If I held on to drinking hot tea in 90 degrees of heat then what else from my CULTURE was I holding on to and more importantly WHY was I holding on to it.
We are taught within the old 3D earth created construct to create the false security of FAMILIARITY. Ask anyone who was brought up in the UK no matter where they are located now how tea fits into said familiarity and I could almost guarantee that it is a deep conditioning. I have always said that we could have a 4 minute warning, people in the UK would spend at least 2 mins of those 4 putting the kettle on, because within the culture of the UK when something untoward happens you put the kettle on, somehow the issue seems easier to cope with when you have a cup of PG in your hand. To those outwith the UK this may seem nonsensical but each culture will have this within them. How often have you described the behavior of a friend who is of a different nationality by stating “oh its because they are ……..”   This cultural divide runs at an unconscious mind level, it is a reference point that will come up for release, how can we unite a world when there is so much division? by letting go of what we were TAUGHT to reference and allow ourselves to experience our immediate reality in TRUTH.
There is much debate about moving into the heart space OR remaining in the head and both are extremes, to be only within the human logical mind sees you not able to fully experience life, life is not for debate, it is for experience. The default position taught within the old 3D earth created reality is logic and it is at times a challenging one to move from, add to this linear and we have an expectation that reality will unfold in a certain way based on these reference points.  Moving fully into the heart space is moving into waiting, for the heart is CREATION, it is but PART of of a process, feeling and experiencing is but part of the picture, for in order to have the experience often we need to take action of some sort, you cannot have an experience without INTERACTION and many are sitting within the heart space and choosing not to interact with the outer waking world. This sees the outer waking world remain static and the inner shift and move but never be reflected in the outer do to the lack of INTERACTION which is the balance point between human mind and human heart. It is the pivot point where our dreams can become a reality.
There is much talk also of the divine feminine and not much talk of the divine male, both energetic frequencies make up our human life experience. The divine feminine is soft and creative but this needs balanced with the male which is productive, many are sitting with lots of creative ideas and no way of making them happen due to the refusal to integrate the divine MALE energies.  Simply anchoring more feminine energies will take you further to creation only, it will again create the scenario of having an inner world that is creative but the outer waking world not changing. A gentle reminder that we have taken human form, we are here to experience a human life, not to debate or simply imagine it.
REAL CHANGE is the interaction, the pivot point between logical mind and heart where we begin to change the outer waking reality, where we begin to dissolve the darkness that walks this planet and begin to make LASTING and REAL CHANGE to the human life experience and it begins within each of us alive on this planet.  To simply detach from the outer waking life as it is reflected just now is akin to locking yourself within a prison, the old 3D earth created reality WAS a prison a self generated one, it was TAUGHT to us.  So disconnecting from it is but PART of the PROCESS. To interact with the dream of a new reality we must begin to interact with the rest of the human race. To “BE THE CHANGE WE WISH TO SEE IN THE WORLD”.
So many of you at this point will throw your hands in the air and say “ok how, its all a mess”. It is what it is, a reflection of a human race which was taught to survive, this is breaking down and we are now given the opportunity to change our world. We do this through kind acts to, around and within each other. We may not have billions of dollars to change the outer but WE ALL HAVE THE POWER TO CHANGE THE INNER and to interact with this out in the world. From helping a neighbour to embracing a stranger. To send LOVE out into the world and to spread LOVE in the world is done by kindness, by stepping out of judgement and competition and understanding that each person alive on this planet NEEDS LOVE and COMPASSION. To state that they are this or that is to be in judgement, to state that you are awake and point to the rest of society as being asleep is being in judgement. To walk past a stranger and not smile or nod is to be in isolation and judgement.
We were taught deeply in the old 3D earth created construct to be in competition and to fear those around us. This is what is being released into the outer waking world at this time, the frequency of fear, the frequency that dissolves fear is LOVE in TRUTH, only LOVE in TRUTH can dissolve fear and many are defaulting to fear due to the depth of teachings through culture, age, sex etc.  When we can look out onto the world and see fellow HUMAN BEINGS then we are part the way to building a new world. Until then we are continually dissolving that which we have been taught and everything that has been taught can be unlearned.
It is a NATURAL instinct to radiate LOVE, again I use the example of a newborn baby, entering the world in pure LOVE, from that moment everything is learned and it is taught in order to close down said LOVE. To reach our heart space we need to throw out all that no longer serves as it cannot be taken into the New Earth. At this time we are asked to move into our HEART space and to interact with the human race from a place of LOVE in TRUTH.
For those who have forgotten what LOVE in TRUTH is, it is the simple smile to another, it is a hug, it is a kiss, it is simply being there when you have no words holding space for the person who is hurting.  It is HUMAN KINDNESS, something that is buried deep within the heart space of ALL. KINDNESS costs nothing in monetary terms but is a life saver to the person receiving the kindness. Human beings were designed to interact with each other, when was the last time you hugged or were hugged? In a world that appears to be on the brink of collapse the one thing that is needed more than anything else is KINDNESS. From this simple NATURAL instinct we can change the world to be a place that is nurturing and peaceful no matter what our human eyes are trying to teach us at this time.
“LOVE is the answer, no matter the question”

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