Sunday, January 11, 2015

Karen Dover ~ The “I” of the storm and how to move into balance in TRUTH

karen doonan

For many the outer waking world is now resembling some sort of mad movie, with more and more chaos being poured into an already chaotic world. For those who somehow expected the New Earth frequency realities to appear shiny and clean the outer waking world may be very triggering.  It is to be noted that there cannot be a NATURAL breaking down of the old 3D earth created construct without chaos as chaos is TRUTH. What is not TRUTH is the attempts being made to somehow make order out of this chaos. The more that the human race tries to make sense of what is beyond the comprehension of us all at this time the more chaos will intensify.  It is akin to standing in a house that is being demolished and attempting to rebuild the house as the bricks fall down.  It cannot be done, the frequencies are so unstable and so weak that the old 3D earth created construct that we were taught was our reality can no longer fully anchor.  So we shift and we move between different realities as they try to stabilize around us.
TRUTH JUST IS, our perception of TRUTH can and does change and as that which was hidden from a frequency point of view now comes into view for the majority of the human race our perception of what we have lived within will alter and shift also.  Nothing is as it appears to our naked human eyes, this is why we must move into our hearts and FEEL TRUTH for the old 3D earth created construct used our human eyes against us. Teaching us that what we were living was one thing whilst it was something else entirely.

It is very, very tempting to move into the human logical mind at this moment, so much is unfolding from all parts of the outer waking reality that many within the human race will begin to default to the human logical mind without being aware of this. There is no “Puzzle” to solve, the puzzle is created from the chaos in order to blind the human race, whilst many are in debate about who did what and why they are unaware that they have moved into their logical minds and are being sidetracked by the very energies that taught them to solve the outer waking world through thought alone.
Thoughts alone cannot change the world, as I blogged about previously the frequency creates the thoughts so only by dissolving and moving into a higher frequency can any thought be changed. This is why the old 3D earth created construct seeks to create so much chaos, the default position of the human being has been taught to us as thought and the logic behind it. To puzzle over how to solve something is to be in the lower dimensional frequencies that are creating said chaos. To see the wider more expansive picture and to DISSOLVE the lower dimensional frequencies then we must move into our heart space and let go of the distorted teachings in order to raise our vibration.
Raising vibration is not sitting in hierarchy or looking down on those who appear to be what is termed “asleep”, there is a very arrogant frequency within the spiritual community which seeks to divide through this teaching. Simply shouting to the world to wake up does nothing, lower dimensional frequencies CANNOT SEE what higher dimensional frequencies can see. It is a complete waste of energy to interact with these teachings and this is why they were created. The unfolding of the New Earth frequency realities cannot be stopped but it CAN BE DELAYED by those who are creating the chaos. If the entire human race moved into their heart space and moved into the frequency of the LOVE that IS then the old 3D earth created reality would dissolve in a heartbeat but this will never happen because the PROCESS that is in place is designed to allow for expansion into evolution.
This is a process, it is not an event and the old 3D earth created construct walks in ALL areas of the human life experience, do not assume that a spiritual context is not a 3D earth created construct. ALL came from the old 3D earth created construct so all teachings are distorted in favour of the reality in which they were created.  The chaos that is now unfolding across the planet will test many who walk the different paths and the testing of FAITH and TRUST will be over and over again. This is TRUTH, this is not said to trigger albeit many will trigger.  What we believe we are asked to WALK and only by walking in the belief can we find out if it is TRUTH or not, if it is then the ground beneath our feet will solidify, it its not then the ground will fall away and the walking will stop until TRUTH is anchored and the walk begins again.
This process is in place to SHOW TRUTH so that the old 3D earth created construct illusion can NEVER be taught to the human race ever again.  It is a natural reaction to experience anger on first discovering something that looked like TRUTH but is shown not to be. The choice is then to allow the anger to dissolve or to hold on to it and try to use it as fuel for the human life experience. As this choice is not TRUTH many will simply go round in circles until they let go of said anger and anchor LOVE in TRUTH for this is the base frequency of this universe. It is the frequency that the universe is created from.
Ways to divide the human race are multiple, all teachings seek to divide this is why they were originally taught, it is not possible to move into a new way of living using the “rules” taught in the old 3D earth created construct. The default position of an untaught and un-progammed human being is LOVE, this is why babies radiate such unconditional love.  Only be stripping back the teachings to this level of LOVE can the human race move into evolution. Balance is achieved by balancing the inner with the outer. In the “I” of the storm the center is the place of calm and within all of us is this place of calm, it is called the HEART space and many will seek shelter within this space over the coming few weeks and months and even years.  Many will find that in order to visit and find shelter in their own heart space they must first of all clear out the heart space, ask people who have taken up residence in this space to leave, to let everything that no longer resonates out of this heart space. Until this is done then there will be no room for SELF in the HEART space. This process has already begun, with many stating that 2015 has come roaring in and this has caught many by surprise.
LOVE JUST IS, the definition of love is what has chained the entire human race, at this time we are asked to open our hearts and embrace the LOVE that IS and then TRUST and have FAITH in the process that this takes us through. LOVE ALWAYS WINS for “LOVE IS THE ANSWER, NO MATTER THE QUESTION”. This is a statement that has to be lived and experienced, for all are here having a HUMAN LIFE EXPERIENCE not a human life debate.
The storm now gains in momentum, how we weather this storm will be the making of the human race in the New Earth frequency realities for the gates of the New Earth are open fully, all that we need to enter is a heart that is open and flowing freely with the LOVE that IS in TRUTH.

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