Friday, January 30, 2015

Bob Fickes ~ Jumping Off A Cliff!

Have you ever had the experience that what you knew you needed to do, everyone around you said don’t do it? There are times in everyone’s life when we must make a decision to follow our own truth despite what others say. In those moments we are filled with doubt but our heart knows we are right. We must trust our heart! Follow through with what you want to do and don’t mind what others are saying. It could be like jumping off a cliff! Don’t worry, you will land softly on your feet and see that everything is good. Once you jump and see that it worked, you will have more confidence in your self and be able to go much farther in your life than you ever expected.
At this time the astrology affecting the Earth is full of deep inner pushes. You could be feeling very emotional. Feelings from deep inside are rising up pushing you to do something you know you need to do. This is probably something you have thought about for a long time and resisted to actually do it. This is the time! You can’t wait any longer. Take the step and do it. If you don’t do it, the stars will push you into deeper emotions. Now is the time. You cannot postpone this any longer. Trust that this is the universe moving through you and it is your time to discover something that will change your life forever. It’s a good thing!

I have had to jump off this cliff many times. Each time I thought I would lose everything, but I knew inside that I had to do it. I was willing to let go of everything and find my new future, so I jumped. I was afraid but trusted in the universe. In a flash, I landed on my feet and looked around. Nothing was missing! I lost nothing! In fact it was all better than it was before! The people around me who thought I would lose everything were surprised. As soon as they saw it worked, it gave them confidence to begin trusting them self more.
This is a time of great transformation. We are all a part of this movement to change our world into a better place. It starts with us taking one step towards our goal and trusting that we are being moved by the universe. When we allow the universe to move through us and take that big step, every one around us will also change. The universe knows many things that we don’t know until we take the step. Trust the universe! It’s always right and brings only good to everyone around us. Have confidence my friends! Take the step and trust. Only good results will come from it. Everyone will be more happy once we do it. This is a test. The universe wants to know if we really trust our self, or if we are going to ignore what we want and give in to the common thinking of others. Take the step and be adventurous! This is the greatest step in your life. Trust the Universe and enjoy!

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