Sunday, January 4, 2015

Bob Fickes ~ Life in the Future

We are fifteen years onto the Twenty-first Century! That’s an amazing thought! How much the world has changed over the last hundred years! How much more the world has changed over the last thousand years! We often overlook the fact that all this change on Earth has occurred because human consciousness has created this change. So the next question is: where is consciousness taking us? What will our future look like?
While I was tuning in to this future, I, of course, realized something I have said many times this past year: Machines will become obsolete. If our mind can create a machine to do something special, that same mind/consciousness can discover how to do it without the machine. Let’s take a simple example like flying. A hundred years ago humans flying through the air seemed impossible. But today we have airplanes that allow us to travel anywhere in the world very easily and quickly. The people who lived over a hundred years ago would think this was really crazy to even dream about. They would call it magic. But today it is normal.

Many years ago in 1977 Maharishi taught us how to meditate and lift off into the air. He called this Yogic Flying. We all thought it was impossible, but we were excited to try. It worked! Within a week, we were all lifting off and hopping through the room in a cross-legged position (Lotus posture). Our body would feel like a balloon and Ki would rush up our spine and move us forward like bouncing across the room. On one occasion I literally lifted into the air and began to fly. Of course, as soon as I realized I was actually flying, I dropped to the ground like a stone! But I did it and two hundred people in the room witnessed it. It was real! We were all amazed. I couldn’t do it again, but even doing it one time changed my perspective about reality permanently. I would never be the same as I was before. I now know that in the future all human beings will learn how to fly without an airplane. It might take awhile for our consciousness to adjust to performing this technique, but it will happen one day.
As I thought about this, I had a realization. If we can fly, what will happen to the world we live in here on planet Earth? It is not just the freedom from machines that we will create; our whole perception of reality will be altered. Everything will appear more transparent. The physical world we live in will no longer be considered physical. We will realize that everything in this world is created from consciousness. It is made out of consciousness not physical matter! The future we will create on Earth will be a world of dreams where anything is possible.
Some are calling this Ascension. Ascension is a more advanced state of Enlightenment where consciousness is the only reality. A reality where everything can change just as easily as it changes in a dream. I am too practical to think that this will happen within a hundred years, but I do believe that this amazing vision of the future will become the new reality for every human being on Earth sooner than we think.
We are only fifteen years into the Twenty-first Century. What will our future be like in another hundred years? The answer is worth pursuing. We must push the limits of our consciousness as far as we can. Learning the techniques taught and mastered by the yogis are the key to an amazing future that right now sounds really crazy. In tomorrows world, what we think is crazy today will be the reality of the future. Let’s all do our best to challenge our beliefs this year and push our consciousness farther than we can believe is possible today. Let’s create an amazing future for all people to enjoy and stretch our consciousness beyond its limits as quickly as possible. The future is in our hands right now. Let’s really do this and support each other to try the impossible.

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