Monday, January 5, 2015

Karen Dover ~ Expansion of TRUTH at a personal human waking mind level

karen doonan

Already many can feel the intense build up of energies as the New Earth frequencies begin to take hold and to anchor  more and more within the human race.  There is no way that we can not expand, yes we have a personal choice but TRUTH JUST IS and this is what many of the old 3D earth created construct teachings filtered out.  When faced with a choice in TRUTH we are already in expansion, the old 3D earth created reality was born out of hiding said choices, a choice in TRUTH is only available if other options can BE SEEN at a human conscious waking mind level.
Many may be in confusion and chaos as the choices now open up, for within the old 3D earth created construct we were taught to follow a pattern, to actively seek out patterns and adapt them into our waking lives, this is not TRUTH and these pattern reference points have now dissolved. So what  happens when we are faced with choice and we attempt to refer to an unconscious pattern that is running deep within us?  frustration and a sense of anxiety will begin to build, in some it may translate as a sense of panic, something is “missing” that we cannot see but we can feel and we have an urge to diminish the “panic”.

It is to be noted that this sense of “panic” is the illumination of a frequency that has anchored and is running at an unconscious waking mind level, sitting with the “panic” and allowing it to be shown is the way to work with this.  All is about FEELing and this in itself is a change and an expansion for the human race who have been taught at all moments to refer to the human logical mind. Logic has no place in nature, nature does not follow human logic, nature flows by the natural design of the universe, for ALL JUST IS.
It is the human race that has been kept out of this natural flow and as we now move into the fuller New Earth energies this flow seeks to flow through us, around us and within us. Where the natural flow finds the lower dimensional frequency patterns it will seek to push through them, this illuminates the lower dimensional frequencies and we have a choice as to whether to allow said flow or allow the frequencies to try to remain. The human logical mind cannot see frequency so attempts to default always to the way it has been taught only it will not be able to find the reference points and so begins a cycle that may be challenging for many to process and to walk out of.
Logic dictates that simply changing your thinking will entail a new way of looking at the world, but this filters out that the very frequency that is running is CREATING the thoughts, all who run the same frequency patterns create the same thoughts, hence we have managed to keep the old 3D earth created construct intact. It was designed this way deliberately, it is the “puzzle that does not exist”. Many are falling into this and are recreating more and more puzzles at all moments, it is not possible to think our way out of the old 3D earth created construct for it is held together by the frequencies that created the thoughts that keep us out of the frequencies that break down the thoughts and allow us to move into expansion in TRUTH.
How often do you default to trying to rationalize that which is attempting to unfold in your outer waking life? how often do you immediately attempt to work out where things fit in? this is the frequency that runs deep within the cellular structure of all in human form and it is this frequency that seeks release. It is not possible to allow full expansion whilst holding on believing that we can control said expansion for expansion JUST IS.
FAITH in the process and that we are co-creating this reality is a base line for the New Earth frequency realities. Each individual will walk their own path BACK TO FAITH in whatever form it takes but FAITH is a requirement, the old 3D earth created construct has sought at all moments to detach us from our natural FAITH in the process, in the world and the wider universe. It is natural to FEEL, it is natural to follow how we FEEL but the old 3D earth created construct has sought to prevent us from aligning fully with our inner knowing and guidance.
It is the see-sawing between heart and head that will see the outer waking reality shimmer and shift and go back and forward, many are in holding patterns due to this unable to see that a choice has to be made. A choice simply to allow the process of try to control it. Allowing it will see miracles occur, will see the outer waking life align with TRUTH and align with the greater design of the universe, trying to control it will see the mind logic pattern spring to the fore and the “puzzle that does not exist” spring to mind.
An overactive mind needs to be given work to do, so give it work, it is possible to de-programme the overactive mind by keeping it busy. This is personal and unique to each individual human alive. There are many teachings within the old 3D earth created construct that seek to teach us simply to empty our minds, this will immediately trigger the human mind. This is how the dieting industry works against us also, the first thing that we decide we cannot “have” is the thing that the mind goes into overdrive with. If you dont believe me try it, take a bar of chocolate and tell yourself you are not allowed to have it and watch your mind fight with this. I can almost guarantee that you will think of nothing but that chocolate bar, you have forbidden it therefore your mind wants you to have it and will play games with you to have it.  Try this experiment in reverse and tell yourself you can eat anything you wish and watch the mind ignore all foods.  There is no longer the need to “have” something you have forbidden to yourself.
This is how the old 3d earth created construct works to entrap the human logical mind. By trying to persuade us that we cannot have something we go into overdrive trying to obtain it. In TRUTH ALL JUST IS, the frequency of acceptance of this allows expansion. If we fall to the illusion of something not being possible we are distracted and begin to repel and work against ourselves. The old 3d earth created construct teaching how to repel things from our lives not how to co create in our lives.  Setting up competition where in TRUTH there cannot be, the universe is abundant by nature, if we constrict any part of our energy then we are simply out of alignment with this abundance but the old 3D earth created construct will try to teach you complicated techniques to achieve things.
BALANCE is all that is required and this is a natural state of BEing, it is the teachings that seek toteach us balance that keep us out of balance. The human vehicle already knows how to balance itself, the human logical mind will try to teach you that it cannot because the human logical mind has been taught to believe it is not possible.
At this time we are asked to allow flow and to LET GO, this allows expansion and for our human waking life to move into expansive possibilities, there are no reference points for the New Earth as we in our human form have never moved into these expansive energies ever before, therefore we are creating NEW reference points and this is done through experience only. Once we have an experience it becomes a reference point, the old 3D earth created construct taught us the other way around, it GAVE us reference points which we then used to contain our human life experiences. Hence many will attempt to live life backwards as taught by the old 3D earth created construct.  When faced with the same choice over and over we are being asked simply to choose again, this choice may be the choice our human logical mind is trying to filter out.  CHOICE IS PERSONAL AND UNIQUE and is placed at our feet because responsibility for personal choice rests with each person.  Again this is the opposite of what is taught in the old 3D earth created construct.  Defaulting to what others wish to choose is no longer an option for they are not you, only you are you. For ALL JUST IS.
“LOVE is the answer, no matter the question”.

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