Thursday, May 7, 2015

Bob Fickes ~ The Living Personality of the Land

Have you ever wondered why people living in different parts of the country speak differently? It is all in the personality of the land they live on. Each area is alive and vibrates with its own unique energy. Where we live often determines how we feel and how we talk. The people and the land have an intimate relationship that feeds us energy and Life Force. As we are so is the land. As the land is so are the people who live there.
Many ancient cultures recognized the special energy in each land and honored them as spiritual guardians. This is why in Japan there are so many shrines. This comes from the ancient times when the shamans of the land were more aware of the importance of honoring these gods for the benefit of the people. Every valley has a different guardian and interestingly the people speak with a dialect that was different from the people who were living over the mountain in a different valley.

Sometimes we outgrow the need to remain in our hometown and decide to move to some place new. When we first move to a new area, we might feel a bit out of place and it takes awhile to adjust. The vibration in the land influences us in many ways: how we think, how we react, and what we like to do and what we like to eat. If we are lucky and tuned in, we can find a new home in a place that more suits the way we are now feeling. As we change, our desire to live some place else often motivates us to move. The energy in the land mirrors and supports our new personality and growth.
Its all fun and we don’t need to be serious about it. The most important thing to remember is that the land is alive too. Honor the land where you live and respect Nature. Nature is your natural guardian and supporter. Say hello to the land, the trees and the animals. Communicate with them and tune into what they are feeling. This will help you to make friends and give you support in many unseen ways. You may not feel the influence strongly but it is there moving through every cell of your body and vibrating through your consciousness. Making friends with this energy will bring you better luck and a more peaceful and successful life.

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