Saturday, May 2, 2015

Bob Fickes ~ The Same Message is Coming in All Around the World

All around the world people are receiving the same message from the Masters to connect to Mother Earth and go out into Nature. Pluto will remain retrograde for several months stimulating deep internal changes in the way we perceive our reality. When Pluto is direct, it stimulates external changes, but retrograde affects us internally, awakening our Inner Master and pushing us in a new direction in our life.
The Masters are telling us to go to Nature and sit on the ground or on a beach beside a lake, river or the ocean to help us get more grounded and anchor our new state of Consciousness. Put your hands on the Earth and feel Mother Earth grounding you.

For those of you who have the CD’s, you will feel this energy moving out the blocks that have restricted you from making the changes in your life that are necessary for this higher alignment with your Inner Master. If you have the time after listening to the CD for thirty minutes, take a walk in Nature, even in a park, and find a place to sit on the ground and get grounded. This is the fastest and smoothest path to changing your reality. Breathe the air and feel the sunlight or the moonlight refreshing you and giving you more Life Force. This will keep your body healthy and your heart and mind clear.
When you feel distracted or emotional, go to Mother Earth for refuge. She will hold you in her loving arms and bring you peace. Hug a tree or sit on the Earth and feel relief.
As we have been saying this year is the year when we will become the person we have desired to become for many lifetimes. This is the time for finally achieving the state of Purity we have desired. Your Enlightenment is closer than you think. Enjoy!

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