Friday, January 2, 2015

Bob Fickes ~ How to Create Good Luck for 2015!

Tonight we celebrate the New Year 2015! If you want to usher in the New Year and have the best luck for all year meditate at midnight! Whatever we do at midnight sets the momentum for our energy for all of the following year. If you relax into meditation at midnight, your energy sets the pace for your life to be supported by all the laws of Nature. A peaceful start from deep meditation aligns your energy with Dharma, the flow of the Universe. This first step sets your intention for all year.
The year 2015 will bring peaceful energy to everyone. Mother Earth will be happy this year and the land will support the people more than we have had in many years. I do see some natural calamity coming in the first six months of this year for Japan. This can be averted if we live in harmony with nature and find peace in our self. No matter what happens you will be protected and you family will be safe. Meditation is the key. You are all doing your best to improve your lives, so your lives are protected from any calamity that might occur.

Remember that your future can change depending on what you do today. What good you do today extends into your future. Even if there is negative energy approaching you in the future, it can be offset by accumulating more goodness. This goodness restores the balance and cancels the negative effect that has been in motion from your past. I have seen many miracles happen to people who do any form of meditation. Start your new year with meditation and change your future.
If you already have plans to party with your friends, don’t worry. Set your intention at midnight to all do good together to help our world be a better place. Even if you can’t meditate, you can still change your future with a strong intention to live your life better. Put your whole heart into this intention to do good and the results are surprising. HAPPY NEW YEAR 2015!!!!!
I wish all of you the greatest New Year ever! I give you all my deepest gratitude and love. I can’t say thank you enough! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

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