Friday, January 2, 2015

Karen Dover ~ Finding balance in a world out of balance

karen doonan

The word balance is used over and over again, we are told repeatedly that to find peace we must be in balance but the old 3D earth created reality taught us how to define said balance. Following on from my blog yesterday where I outlined the way that we are taught to align with the outer reality and not the inner and how this is back to front, so too is the way that we have been taught balance.  For many of us at this time  are pulled out of balance, the energy signatures of those around us may be pulling at ua in ways that we are not consciously aware of and we will try to regain our balance instinctively. I have read many spiritual teachings that seek to teach that somehow we must lower our energy signatures to interact with the old 3D earth and with those not deemed “awake”. This is back to front and not TRUTH and is not supported in the New Earth frequency realities.

To stand in our LIGHT and balance will see those around us seek to align with the strongest energy signature. Being consciously aware of the energy that we emit helps us to stand in OUR balance, this seeks to bring those who are resonating at a lower frequency into balance at a higher frequency. Many live in fear that their energy somehow will be too much for those around them and the self policing begins, this again sees the energy signature lower in order to interact with those deemed “asleep”. One of the deepest and most distorted teachings repeatedly taught is that of those “asleep” or “awake”.  Every single person on this planet is here by design. To fall into the illusion of “asleep” and “awake” is to allow the human logical mind to create a puzzle that is not there.
We are asked to walk this planet in LIGHT, this is aligned fully with the LOVE that IS and to radiate this out as we walk. To shine this LOVE out across the world sees all that is not LOVE in TRUTH dissolve for the LOVE that IS is the strongest frequency that exists. It is therefore irrelevant the energy signature of those who share the planet with us.  This teachings seeks to divide an already divided race and simply teaches one set of people to align with each other, thereby creating a divide within a divide. It takes the focus from us to outside of us and this lowers energy signature. A world that is focused on the world around them is merely holding said outer waking reality in place by placing focus on it.
Balance is found within, it is found by finding peace within the heart space, to let go of the need to solve puzzles that do not exist and are merely created to keep us in distraction, whilst we are “puzzle solving” we are not in balance and not in the NOW moment. Whilst we are “puzzle solving” we are creating more barriers to expansion for the human logical mind cannot comprehend miracles, it can only refer to that which has already been experienced.  Much like shopping in a supermarket where you have the same items on display, you will make choices but these choices are limited by the variety on display within said supermarket.
So the New Year was promised to be all sparkly and all different and many will wake today and feel no different, for it is not the outside reality that has to change, it is the INNER balance that must be found in order to reshape and recreate the outer waking reality. This APPEARS to go against everything that we are taught in this our human form and it is how an entire race has been kept in containment. How many of those around you tempt you at this time to make lists for new years resolutions? this is a “set up to fail” teaching that the old 3D earth creates in order to further contain and suppress. It takes our focus out of the now and into the future, there is no past and no future, each moment is created only in each moment.
Many are talking of “now” moments and tagging on 2015 which filters out that they have already moved into the linear way of looking at their world yet again. It is not easy to stay in the NOW moment and this must be acknowledged for we as a race have for eternity been taught to look behind or in front so it is somewhat of a reminder to keep within the NOW. Each time we feel panic arise simply remind ourselves to be in the NOW moment is a way in which to reach peace in that NOW moment, the entire human life experience is simply made up of NOW moments, it is the human logical mind that pieces these moments together and creates linear and it does so by filtering out that which does not relate to the reference points that we have. In other words our belief at any one moment determines how we have already lived our lives.
Nothing can be experienced apart from this NOW moment, we cannot re-drink the same cup of coffee and yet the old 3D earth created reality seeks to teach that holding on to memories is reliving our lives. The memory itself will change depending on how we feel and what we believe at that actual moment of trying to remember. But we cannot re-experience the moment, we can simply access the reference points which will trigger the emotional response that happened in that moment, not the NOW moment. This confuses many at a human conscious waking mind and it was designed to do this. Healing is by allowing the emotion to be fully experienced and released. Unreleased emotion will begin to break down the human vehicle as it distorts the outer waking reality through the filters that are being applied repeatedly. In simple terms the triggering of any emotion is the reminder that the emotion has not been fully experienced in order to be released. Many live their lives overlaying unreleased emotion on to current NOW moments, this distorts the outer waking reality, a bit like looking in a smudged mirror. The picture is not clear for the emotion is pulling the focus out of the NOW moment.
At this moment we are asked to be in the NOW moment, to allow the flow of the New Earth frequency realities to dissolve that which no longer serves and as frequencies are dissolved to allow ourselves to regain balance. This is individual and unique. For some it is a walk in the woods, for others it is more sleep, for others it is tears, for others it is writing or simply BEing. There is no one way to release emotions/frequencies but they cannot be held on to for they no longer resonate in the higher dimensional frequencies.
We cannot get this wrong is the reminder to ourselves. We are here having a human life experience in a reality that is now shifting and altering and moving. LOVE is the answer, no matter the question because when we come from a place of LOVE in TRUTH, to let go and to allow this frequency to flow through us, around us and inside of us then we can change our lives in a heartbeat. We can then feel the connection that IS ALWAYS THERE to those around us. The connection is muddied and filtered by the lower dimensional frequencies that seek to teach division. That seeks to teach us to refer to “past experience” and overlay this on a NOW moment, the NOW moment is always new and fresh, we simply cannot repeat an experience in TRUTH, the laws of energy prevent this. Energy always moves and shifts it never remains stagnant nor circular. Our perception of it can and this is another teaching of the old 3D earth created reality, many are trying to “hold on” to parts of their outer waking lives, believing that they must do this to remain who they are.
We have been given an identity on arrival on this planet, it is called birth, this identity is then re-enforced by the unwritten rules of the old 3D earth created construct. These are what seek to break down and many are holding on to this identity believing there is nothing beyond this. We are who we are in TRUTH not necessarily what we have been taught and this TRUTH is now anchoring fully across the planet.
LET GO and BE is all that is asked of us at this moment, from this all else flows.
“LOVE is the answer, no matter the question”.

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