Monday, February 2, 2015

Bob Fickes ~ Soma – the Elixir of Immortality

We see Kannon holding a vase and Lakshmi/ Kichijoten also holding a vase. This is the vase containing the Elixir of Immortality known as Soma. Soma is produced in our body during elevated states of consciousness. It makes perception more divine: colors become brighter, hearing more sensitive to higher frequencies, and all of our senses more refined.
It seems that many people are experiencing stomach pains or discomfort during and after so much light and love come into us. This is normal. Our stomach is transforming the way we digest our food. When this happens for the first time, we can feel uncomfortable as the stomach pushes out the old toxins and prepares our body for a major input of higher consciousness. Every cell in our body has to be modified to be able to hold more Ki and sustain a more refined level of perception that comes with Enlightenment.

When our consciousness changes, our body has to also change in order to accommodate more electricity or Life Force. During this process of transformation, our stomach and all of our glands start to detox and produce a more refined chemistry in our body. We can think of Soma as a super hormone similar to HGH (the human growth hormone). Soma feels warm and delightful once it has settled comfortably into our body. But until our body has adapted to this new hormone, we might experience some temporary discomfort as the old toxins related to stress and painful memories are dislodged. This experience doesn’t usually last long, perhaps a day or so, until our body has adjusted. Drink a lot of water and flush these old toxins out of your body.
Call on the Emerald Flame from Kannon and ask her to help you through this period of cleansing. She will be happy to help you. Her compassion and love is infinite and she more than any other Divine Being knows what you are experiencing as you progress into Enlightenment. Ask for her help and drink lots of water so that the old chemistry can be flushed out and the new Soma integrates into the way your body functions. A higher more divine perception is developing and you will feel wonderful once your body has cleansed itself and adjusted to the new level of perception. Your entire consciousness is changing! Your body is entering into Light Body. You will feel more healthy than ever before and reverse the aging process. Soma is the Elixir of Immortality. It is the secret of Eternal Youth. You are getting younger as you become more Enlightened. Take it easy and enjoy! Many blessings are coming into your life now. Clear away the old and replace it with a younger more healthy body and soul. Bless you!

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