Friday, May 1, 2015

Bob Fickes ~The Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine

My friend Hideki told me about a special attunement for the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine. I have used this in my meditation for the past week with wonderful results. It is very simple. We look to Mother Earth and she always has everything we need.
There are two power spots on Mother Earth. The great Divine Masculine is held in the vortex of the Himalayas. If we tune in to the Himalayas, we receive all the great power of Ku. Ku is the Divine Masculine. It is immovable and rises higher into the sky than any other place on Earth. The Himalayas have always been a place where the most powerful Masters choose to live. It carries the highest ideal of Pure Compassionate Masculine Energy. It brings the male ego into harmony with the universe and lifts it into Divine Insight.

The great Divine Feminine is held in the vortex of Lake Titicaca in Peru. This is the birthing place of the Divine Feminine and all the ancient cultures of Lemuria and Meru, the most feminine cultures on Earth. Tuning into Lake Titicaca allows the Creative Feminine to move inside of us and bring us into balance with our most creative Life Force or Ki. The Divine Feminine is in harmony with everything in Nature and also connects us to the Mother Goddess that creates all living beings. It is the birthing energy of Dharma.
I recommend that the men meditate on the Himalayas and the women meditate on Lake Titicaca for one week. Bring in the Divine Masculine or Divine Feminine during this time of Wesak. After one week, you can alternate between the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine and start to balance you Inner Master. Ku and Ki together makes a perfect harmonic balance with Mother Earth for your Consciousness and at the same time brings balance to the Global Consciousness that we are all participating in at this time. Let me hear your experiences. Enjoy!

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